Sandy Hook HD Aerial News Helicopter Footage Analysis: 10 Minutes of Additional Evidence Debunking Mainstream Lies

I came across a very powerful piece of HD news helicopter video from Sandy Hook the other day and have spent several hours analyzing it. The video provides additional evidence disputing the "official" story of what happened in Sandy Hook and raises a number of questions as to what exactly was going on there.  Despite the fact that the mainstream media cannot be trusted it is fairly obvious that children were tragically killed that day. The greatest way to RESPECT and bring JUSTICE to those who lost their lives at Sandy Hook is to find out what really happened, who really killed these innocent people, and why.

This event has been used continuously for the last month and a half by the mainstream media and federal government in a shameless push for stricter gun laws.  It would not surprise those of us who have studied history and are paying attention if Sandy Hook was yet another intentionally staged false flag catastrophe in our crooked government's legacy including the sinking of the USS Maine, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, Operation Northwoods, 9/11, and many other impeccably researched historical instances of the US Government attacking it's own people, blaming someone else, and using the event to push a particular agenda.

Here is the video.  Best viewed in full screen HD.  My own analysis follows...

The original YouTube user who posted this video conducted shadow analysis and believes that this video begins at approximately 10:25 local time on the morning of the event.  That analysis seems confirmed by several other methods and shadow profiles explained here.  It is obvious that this video is from the morning of the event -- or at least the morning of a drill looking like the event -- because shadows are projected out of the Southeast towards the Northwest.  After studying the various methods used to approximate the 10:25am start of this video, I accept the shadow analysis of 10:25am as fairly accurate.

In the following Google Earth screen capture North is straight up.  By comparing this with the video you can confirm for yourself that shadows are coming from SSE to NNW and that it is therefore before 11:48 am when this video footage was captured.  At 11:48 am on December 14th, 2012 the sun would have been straight out of the S at that geographical location.

The fact that this video captures 9 ambulances and over 50 police cars parked erratically (and in fact totally blocking the only road to Sandy Hook School in several places) confirms that it was shot not long after the shooting allegedly took place from 9:32-9:35 am.  The children have already allegedly been evacuated to the fire station at the time of this video and what we are apparently seeing is parents and neighbors milling around and picking up their children from the station.

There are several unusual things captured in this video that you may want to see for yourself:

1) The one thing oddly missing from the video footage is the ~600 children who were supposedly evacuated from Sandy Hook School to the fire station. There are only a few children visible throughout the entire video a only a handful of them are of the elementary school age.  I counted eight children total throughout the video.  Two are infants in arms, two appear to be toddlers too young for elementary school, one looks like a teenager, and three kids appears to be of elementary school age.  The children were allegedly evacuated to the Fire Station, and we see many adults walking in and out of the building there but very few children.  Perhaps most children had already been picked up and brought home by 10:25 am on the day of the shooting, but I doubt it.  Assuming the time analysis is correct, it's hard to believe that all the kids were evacuated to the firehouse and most of them were picked up and brought home by parents within 50 minutes of the shooting.

2) The only road to/from Sandy Hook School is totally blocked off by erratically parked police and unmarked cars.  There are at least 56 police cars visible in this video and many erratically parked dark SUVs.  Many of these vehicles are parked in the middle of the road which seems unusal given the circumstances that would necessitate ambulance access.  There is plenty of room for many cars in the school parking lot but the police chose to entirely block off the road leading to the school instead.  This is very apparent at the 4:51 point in the movie.  Why would they entirely block the road when there was plenty of parking behind the fire station and in the school parking lot?  Wouldn't leaving the road open be a priority for getting victims to the hospital and allowing access for additional rescue personnel?  Could law enforcement be intentionally blocking access to the road leading to the school?

3) Throughout the video the general trend of law enforcement and first responders shows them just standing around chatting, walking slowly, and milling about.  There appears to be no sense of urgency and very little activity taking place near the school.  The general appearance of all the people on the scene is not one of those emotionally coping with a tragedy or attempting to organize the chaos.  There are a bunch of EMTs standing around in the parking lot.  Why aren't they inside the school working on shooting victims or at the fire station helping comfort the surviving students and teachers?

4) There are NO AMBULANCES near Sandy Hook School, which is unusual since a massacre allegedly occurred there less than an hour ago.  There are 8 ambulances which never move throughout the video parked near the fire station, one ambulance parked -- along with ~15 police cars -- in the middle of the only road to Sandy Hook school, and a few ambulances drive by slowly on the main road throughout the video.  Wouldn't EMTs be helping take care of victims or monitoring, consoling, and otherwise assisting the ~600 students who were supposedly evacuated to the small fire station up the road.  Instead we see ~20 EMTs with ~8 gurneys standing around in the school parking lot with their hands in their pockets.  Another ~6 EMTs are near the fire station attending to what looks to be one female patient.  See screen captures below.

5) Gene Rosen -- the "hero" of Sandy Hook who allegedly took care of a half dozen students who (defying basic arithmetic) allegedly escaped from Victoria Soto's classroom -- is seen throughout this video milling around and chatting with people at the fire station.  The man seen throughout the video is obviously Gene as his clothing, stature, hair, bald spot, squarish "transitions lens" sunglasses, and "old man" gait are all identical to what we see in the many mainstream interviews and photos captured of Gene that day.

According to all mainstream accounts and interviews Gene Rosen was allegedly in his home taking care of six students at the time this video was shot (~10:25-10:35am).  Instead we see him clearly emerge from within the fire station early in the video at 1:06 and he is visible numerous times during the 10 minute video, including:

1:06-1:14 (Gene exits fire station from the door which is not visible in the shot)
4:28-4:34 (it looks like Gene is about to give the interview captured in the picture below)

Interestingly, in one of the interviews with Rosen we see two of the same guys captured in this aerial footage in the same location (sitting and standing) which strongly suggests that Gene was interviewed during or immediately after this aerial footage was shot, though he was allegedly at home comforting six students.  This is not the only hole in Gene Rosen's story...

6) Another unusual aspect of this video is the fact that the fire trucks parked out front of the fire station are not blocked in at the beginning of the video but several cars pull up in front of them throughout the video and at the 8:13 mark we see all of the firetrucks at the station have been blocked in by vehicles where men are getting into military combat gear including bulletproof vests and helmets.  If it is well established that the shooter is dead and the school has already been evacuated, why are these latecomers permitted to block the road in front of firetrucks and why are they gearing up for a combat zone?  Could this just be part of a staged photo opportunity?

7) The guys gearing up for combat are an interesting bunch as well.  Apparently they are from the Connecticut State Police which prompts the question why they drive around in gigantic, unmarked, black pickup trucks.  In the closing seconds of the 10:36 video we see at least a 4th identical big black pickup truck pull up and block in yet another of the fire trucks.  One would think that State Police would have the sense to NOT block in a fire station and then walk off leaving their big black trucks unattended.  Additionally, it seems strange that they're gearing up for combat at least an hour after the shooter went down.  Here we see a screen capture from ~10:33 in the video where a 4th black truck is backing in to block in another fire truck.  Why would they block in fire trucks with these identical black pickups?  The other, smaller vehicles blocking in fire trucks also had men getting into combat gear which was stored in the trunks of the vehicles.  It just seems weird/unprofessional... especially because they're showing up on the scene at least an hour after the shit went down.

As we can see from the following images these guys are ready for war.  It's funny how the same government that wants to ban citizens from owning semiautomatic rifles is all too eager to outfit police with tactical assault gear.  Fishy...

Perhaps these cops just like playing dress up for the photographers?

Here is another analysis of the helicopter footage with good audio and captions included.  Thanks for caring... and sharing!