Cyclone Yasi: Surfing the Waves of Sadness

Cyclone Yasi, a Category 5 storm, is now making landfall in Queensland Australia.  Hurricane Katrina was a much less powerful Category 3 storm.  Yasi is officially the most powerful storm to hit Australia... EVER.

Queensland, you'll recall, suffered massive flooding a few short weeks ago that devastated an area roughly the size of Germany and France combined.  Lives were lost, billions in damages, hundreds of square miles of crops lost, and the crippling of Australian coal production ensued.  Yasi is going to make things much worse.

Meanwhile, North America is suffering it's own breed of climate destabilization, in the form of yet another nationwide blizzard.  Yee-Haw!

Surfs Up!  Way Up!  More pressing concerns like global orderliness?  Not so much.

My heart goes out to our brothers in Australia and to the people of countless small islands in the South Pacific suffering an even worse fate because they truly have nowhere to go.