Was The Real News website hacked or are they being censored? Common Sense sez BOTH!

As I Google "The Real News" right now (7/20/2011 at ~11am PST), a peculiar results pages comes up warning "This site may harm your computer":
Clicking any of the Google links brings up this wall:
 Manually entering the Real News URL brings up this wall:
Clicking "Get me out of here!" brings me to a Google Search.  Clicking "Ignore this warning" merely reloads the same wall.  Clicking "Why was this page blocked?" brings up this:
Clicking "Ignore this warning" multiple times eventually brings me to a skeleton version of The Real News homepage.  Clicking any link on the homepage brings me back to:
The Real News is known for aggressively reporting on government, big business, and media corruption.  Over the last week, they have been covering the Rupert Murdoch scandal with telling video reports like "Rupert Murdoch Shaped British Politics For Forty Years":
This morning The Real News issued an email Press Release :
The Real News website has suffered a hack attack. If you visit the site you will be seeing various warning message. We are investigating the problem and are trying to repel the attack. This a serious and targeted assault on our site. We are working to fix this and identify who is responsible.
Who could possibly be behind the hacking?  Murdoch and Co?  Perhaps.  Some other powerful entity bent on controlling the media?  Just as likely, given The Real News aggressive reporting on the biggest issues.
Or could it be Anonymous, LulzSec, or other Hacktivists?  Very, very doubtful.


MEGAHACK on MURDOCH: all 1,024 News International web addresses are currently down

All of Rupert Murdoch's News International websites are now offline in the wake of the LulzSec hacker group's series of attacks earlier today.  News International's DNS servers and all 1,024 web addresses are currently down, according to James Ball, Data Journalist for The Guardian.

These claims seem accurate: websites for prominent UK newsrags The Sun, The Times, and News International are all inaccessible at the time of writing.  Earlier today The Sun homepage redirected to a false report of Rupert Murdoch’s death.  Later it directed visitors to the LulzSec twitter feed.

Currently News International is either being shut down by hackers or voluntarily pulled the plug on it's own servers to prevent additional hacks.  One certainty is that today billionaire media tycoon Rupert Murdoch got OWNED.  Let that be a lesson to all with the wealth, power, and influence to spin lies and promote an agenda while claiming to be "Fair and Balanced."

Murdoch's Sun Website Hacked, Reports Murdoch Died of Overdose

The attack on the Murdoch Media Empire is escalating to whole new levels.  Today Murdoch's Sun website was hacked and immediately redirected visitors to an article reporting that Murdoch died in his "famous topiary garden" after melting down and ingesting large quantities of the precious metal Palladium:

Hacker collective LulzSec is back in action and are claiming this attack.  Clearly they are the ones behind it, as earlier today The Sun's website was automatically redirecting visitors to the LulzSec twitter feed.

LulzSec is currently tweeting scorchers like the following to its 300,000 followers. 

At the time of writing http://www.thesun.co.uk/ is out of commission completely.  Good riddance.

As we all know, Murdoch is the billionaire media tycoon behind the Neo-Con spin machine Fox News and numerous other sketchy media outlets.  Apparently spreading blatant lies under the guise of mainstream reporting is no longer acceptable.

It's about time.

Young Murdoch looking creepy in happier days.  He's probably not looking so smug right now.

Please help spread the truth about Rupert Murdoch, Faux News, and the Media Monopolies which have held the world hostage for too long.

Top 5 Places NOT to Be When the US Dollar Collapses

Pretty straightforward...

...got food yet?


(video) Wise Words from Immortal Technique: Interview 7/11/11

 "Empires don't fail because of money or because wars are lost.  When people no longer believe in it, it stops being what it is."

"The biggest failure of American capitalism is to invest in systems, in these meticulous bureaucracies, but they don't invest in people.  And you know how you can tell this?  Look at the bailouts for banks.  What about the bailouts for [people] that lost their homes?  What about the bailouts for [people] that have nowhere to live?  Now they're forced out of their homes.  A single mother with four children living in a fucking shelter now.  Where's her fucking bailout?  Her children could be the future of America.  Her children could be the driving force of a new generation, but you don't hear about that shit."

Part 1:

Part 2:

A few classic raps by Immortal Technique...


Max's Oil Free News Roundup

In my current line of work, I am exposed to an absurd amount of news.  In an effort to keep those I care about informed, I post A LOT of interesting links on my Facebook wall.  It's more efficient than blogging, so I direct a lot of my efforts there.

If you'd like to know what's really going on in the world, you're not going to find it in the mainstream media.  Select mainstream stories give glimpses of the Big Picture but they're awash in misinformation, disinformation, and distracting nonsense.  I share 10-50 stories daily, selected from several reliable news services. By scanning my Wall regularly you may find information that could help you prepare for and cope with the big changes taking place at an unprecedented rate globally.  Inform yourself and ditch the sheeple herd.

Whether you know me in *real life* or not, feel free to add me as a Facebook friend.  Or just check out my profile here...

Anonymous Operation Bohemian Grove: 7/13/2011

Who is Anonymous?  If you don't already know, this video gives some good background.  Afterwards we'll get on to analyzing the Boho Bozos, aka the dinosaurs of Bohemian Grove who are in many ways responsible for our current predicaments.

Bush, Jr. addresses the tribe. Bohemian Grove, 2000
If you don't know what the Bohemian Grove is, I'm not surprised.  Not too many people do.

But you do know who Anonymous is, right?!  You know -- "ANONYMOUS: we do not forgive. we do not forget. expect us." -- the loosely organized hacker and civil disobedience posse representing the last great hope for humanity.

Well, Anonymous recently set their sights on the Bohemian Grove and are planning to blockade and infiltrate a two week long big-wig powwow that kicks off this June 13th.  Where to even begin...

Reagan and Nixon lounging at the Bohemian Grove, 1967
The Bohemian Grove is a 2700 acre luxury "campground" with accommodations for over 2000 people. The Grove itself is a beautiful old growth Redwood forest which -- two weeks out of the year -- serves as lecture hall, romp room, and urinal for the ultra-exclusive Bohemian Club (Men Only!).  The BC was founded in San Francisco and has been in existence for 139 years.  Past and current members include numerous US Presidents (Taft, Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, both Bushes), Henry Kissinger, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, numerous other "made men" of the global banking cartel,and political and business dickwads of various ranks and stripes.

Most of the names on the leaked 2010 membership list are seemingly nobody's until you Google them and realize that while all are wealthy and powerful in their own way, some are more famous than others.  This isn't just a good ol' boys club for so-called "Conservatives", either.  Though they were never officially members, Presidents Clinton and Obama supposedly attended meetings just prior to their elections.  One name that stuck our while I was perusing last year's membership list is Paul F. Pelosi, wealthy husband to Democrat Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House.  None of that Liberal, Conservative, Republican, Democrat nonsense matters anyway...

I WANT YOU (to disagree and fight amongst each other while I retain complete control)
 Membership is not limited to Americans either.  Bohemians fly in on private jets from all over the world for each year's pow wow.  But don't worry: this isn't and unsanctioned, unreported, two week long, annual meeting of the world's wealthy and wicked.  In fact, the official slogan of the club is "Weaving spiders come not here" which is taken to mean, "leave your business at the door".

A more reasonable interpretation of the slogan is "don't use the powers of logic to weave a sensible conclusion about what actually goes on here."  Pretending that no partnerships are made, decisions are made, or orders passed down at the Bohemian Grove is like pretending no baseball gets played at MLB spring training camps.

Official Bohemian Club Logo: If Hitler were an owl...
2000 wealthy, powerful, self-serving men shouldn't be allowed to get together and chat for two weeks each summer in the complete absence of women or the public eye... but that's exactly what happens at the Bohemian Grove each year.  Invariably they end up fucking one another (literally) and -- in a slightly less direct manner -- the rest of us and our ailing Mother, Planet Earth.  For example, during WWII Bohemian Grove was the birthplace of the Manhattan Project responsible for creating the first atomic bombs and dropping two of them on the Japanese.  More recently, the troubled man-boy-lovers of the Bohemian Grove decided to profit from collapsing of the American economy, looting of the US Treasury, and sticking the poor with the bill.

I could go on and on about the nonsense that goes on in the Bohemian Grove, but that road is already well worn.  If you want to know about their psuedo-satanic rituals and all the rest of it, Google away.  Frankly, I think most Bohemian Club members lack any religion beyond this...

Anonymous, like so many others, has had enough of these dinosaur's nonsense, and thus:


Lakota Chief Oren Lyons speaks to United Nations and Humanity

Fast forward to 6:40 if you have AD/HD...

"We are gonna go through some stuff.  There's no escaping that.  We're gonna go through some stuff.  So just get ready for it.  Get ready for it.  Tell your leaders, 'Get off your ass.  Let's get on with life.'"

"Four Words, he said: Value Change For Survival.  It came right down to four words.  You are either going to change your values or you are not going to survive.

I tell you the Earth has no mercy.  You abide that law or suffer the consequence.

Business as usual is over.  Carbon is over.  Oil is over.

We better find something else.  We better find some equity.  We are not going to have the luxury of spending 200 billion dollars on a war.  You're just not going to have the time or the money because you are going to paying for environment and damages coming.

You want to talk about economies?  Gonna wreck the economies of the world.  They're not ready for this.

Who is gonna do this?  I say to those kids, it's up to you.  You get in the face of your leaders.  You get in the face of your mother and father, and you tell em' CHANGE OR ELSE.

I say I'll help you.  I'll be right there.  That's an elder's position.  When they ask for help we better be there.

Because this is it, the way I see it."



Arnie Gundersen on CNN: Summarizes Fort Calhoun and Cooper Nuclear Flooding Situation

Nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen has been THE authority on Fukushima, but until now has been relatively silent on the flooding of Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant in Nebraska.  Recently, he gave his take on the situation to CNN: