OFF Proudly Introduces The Sheepeater (tukadika.com)

Howdy Friends!

After 6 years of posting to OFF (OilFreeFun.com) I've started a new project called The Sheepeater.  The Sheepeater's were and are a group of Native Americans who spent 11,000 years stewarding the area now known as Grand Teton and Yellowstone before being kicked off their ancestral lands and genocided by the US Gov't starting around the year 1871.  The Sheepeater website is devoted to honoring their legacy, sharing their wisdom, and exposing the foolishness that has governments and business interests committing similar atrocities at the present time.

The Sheepeater is the online presence of what I hope will blossom into a quarterly printed magazine offering actual news and educated views on issues that affect us all.

I will still be posting to OFF occassionally but am more focused now on adding good content and bringing onboard other contributors for The Sheepeater.  If you'd like to be involved in any way at The Sheepeater, please email sheepeater@tukadika.com.

Click the image below to visit The Sheepeater.  One Love.  Peace.


Photoshop Mastery Exposes Artificial Standards of Beauty

We all know that most photos in the corporate media have been doctored in Photoshop.  This is especially true of beauty magazines and gossip rags where normal people with normal bodies are transformed into the gods and goddesses of modern consumerism and celebrity worship.  This abuse of photoshop leaves humanity with unrealistic and largely unattainable standards of beauty.

In this video, Victors & Spoils turns the beauty industry on its head and shows how a drastically altered photoshop creation can go the other way.

Happy Holidays from Victors & Spoils on Vimeo.
Agency: Victors&Spoils
Music: Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Original Content: globaldemocracy.com

Note: I don't recommend Santa Claus as a cultural icon (a magical, fat, old, white man who knows all and sees all and judges all and rewards those who do his bidding) but the video is worth sharing for the sake of exposing just how much a master of Photoshop can skew reality.  One Love.  Peace.


Colbert Report: Stephen Interviews Geoengineer David Keith

The mainstream spin on the geoengineering issue has reached fever pitch when Stephen Colbert is interviewing Canadian Harvard Professor Geoengineering Promoting Mouthpiece David Keith.  Comedy Central reports subtle manipulation of the human psyche.  At least Colbert incredulously supports the notion that climate manipulation is being conducted already because it is.  I believe that they are using it as a weapon.

Happy Holidays from OFF

For those of you who've forgotten, humans can live for weeks without food, days without water, but only for minutes without air.  In a world of skewed priorities, clean air should be #1.  Look up.  Wake up.

These days it's easy to forget what blue skies actually look like.  With so much geoengineering going on, and planes of all sorts leaving persisting trails, and global dimming even admitted by the mainstream meida.  This is what blue skies are supposed to look like.  Just an FYI.  Song is "Natural Beauty" by the incomparable, incredible Immortal Technique.  One Love.  Peace.

Create. Don't Hate. Constructive Criticism 101

Big thanks to everyone who likes, shares, supports, and constructively criticizes my work.  Here's a little advice for the all the haters and trolls who attack me or my opinions instead of actually trying to disprove or debate anything I say.


Bob Athey: The Wizard of the Wasatch

I like this guy.  Years ago I saw a video where he was featured living in a teepee out in the mountains.  It's good to see that he's still getting after it.  According to this film he's been averaging over 100 backcountry ski days per year for the last 35 years!  Impressive!

Bob Athey has been hiking, skiing and snowboarding around the Wasatch mountains in Utah for the past four decades. He is known as the Wizard of the Wasatch because of his looks and his ability to navigate in backcountry avalanche terrain. 

Anyone who gets out into the Wasatch backcountry has run into Bob and either loves him or hates him. His knowledge of snow and the mountains is rivaled by few.

The Wizard of the Wasatch | The Backcountry Experience, Ep. 5


Worshipping Paper Currency Controlled By A Banking Cartel Is Highly Illogical

The people claiming to be scientific are speculating about the distant future.  Speculation is not science.  Let's set the record straight.

DEEP is the New Shallow: A Critical Analysis of "DEEP: The Story of Skiing and The Future of Snow"

The ski and snowboard community has been bombarded with speculative climate fearmongering in the form of a new book by Porter Fox, an editor at POWDER Magazine. In this video, Max Mogren of Oil Free Fun critically analyzes the claims made in DEEP and offers an alternative -- and more factual -- view of reality. Enjoy!