Criminal Mastermind Bennie "Bigfoot" Bernanke Spotted in Jackson Hole!

I will pay any SKI BUM $200 to print 200 of these out tonight and plaster them all over Jackson Hole, especially in hard to reach places at and around Jackson Lake Lodge.

If anyone can get a picture of Bernanke posing with and/or reading one of these, it's worth $1000 to ya.

Jackson Hole Economic Symposium 2011.  Boy, I wish I could make it to this shitshow!

Here is the flyer to print out on legal paper if you feel so inclined.  Simply right click and save!


Getting the Most Out of the CollapseNet Member Referral Program: Sharing Embedded Links

The old paradigm will not go down without a fight, nor will the shift in human consciousness occur without the massive spreading of awareness only sources like CollapseNet can provide.  If those of us who know the old road inevitably leads to humanity's suicide don't work to change it, who will?

Fortunately, CollapseNet's new Member Referral Program (MRP) offers a way to fight for the truth while earning a living in the process.

I have been devoting about an hour daily for the last two weeks to the MRP and have already helped 36 new members connect with CollapseNet.  I have also driven 12,263 visitors to the site (almost 1,000 daily!) from close to 5,000 unique IP addresses.

I have earned $193.60 in the process, which doesn't sound like too much until you factor in that ~30 of the memberships I generated are MONTHLYsubscriptions, so I'll earn commissions each time they renew as well.  That's an extra $60 in my pocket each month, and that number is sure to rise substantially as I keep plugging along with the program.

Don't believe me?  Look.

Doing this was easier than you would think...

There are many ways to approach sales with CollapseNet’s new Member Referral Program.  In addition to posting banner ads, hanging fliers, sending email blasts and simple word of mouth, the tactic I have found most effective is simply sharing links to CollapseNet content that I have embedded with my Affiliate code.  This method is also one of the simplest and most effortless tactics that can be done in minutes per day.  If you know how to copy and paste links, you are already well on your way!

Using Your 3 Digit Affiliate Code

When prospective members click on links containing your Affiliate ID code , your three digit Affiliate ID code gets stored in their web browser Cookies.  If a visitor joins days, weeks, or even months after originally visiting CollapseNet, you will still earn commission on the sale because you were the one who first brought them to the site. As such, there is an obvious benefit to directing traffic towards CollapseNet even if it doesn’t result in immediate sales.

Embedding your Affiliate ID code in a link to CollapseNet pages is easily done from within your Affiliate Account.  Here is a basic rundown of the simple procedure:

1)  Find the CollapseNet page which you’d like to share.  For this example I’ve chosen the popular introductory article “Collapse Preparation 101: A Newbie Introduction and Checklist”

2)  Copy the URL of the page you’d like to share.

3)  Log in to your CollapseNet Affiliate Account.

4)  Once logged in, click “Alternate Incoming Page Links” in the left column of your Manage Account page.

5)  Paste your copied URL into the Automatic Link Creation field and hit the button “Create My Link”.  The new link will be short, sweet, and clearly contains your ID code.  For example, a link from my account looks something like this:


*IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you don’t have “http://http://” at the beginning of your link.  The Automatic Link Creation field already contains “http://” so if you paste in your link improperly, the generated link will not work.

6) Copy the link you just created and share it!  Any visitors to CollapseNet will have your ID code stored in their Cookies.

Ideas for sharing links include:

   *Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other Social Networks

   *Comment streams on pertinent websites, news sources, YouTube videos, etc. For example, my link to Collapse Preparation 101 would be great to share on Prepper websites, news articles dealing with Collapse, YouTube videos on topic, or any number of other places.

   *Send links in emails to friends, family, or neighbors who you’d like to share the content with.

   *Include links to CollapseNet content on your own blog, site, etc.

Now that CollapseNet is updating Breaking News and Must See Videos daily, there is no shortage of fresh new content to share.  When you’re navigating CollapseNet and find an article or video you really like, copy the link, embed your code, and share it!  You’ll not only be promoting CollapseNet, spreading awareness, and encouraging preparation: you’ll also be generating a growing income for yourself.

Thank you for helping CollapseNet grow! Best of luck to you in your Affiliate Program efforts!


Hey Unemployed Social Networkers and Online Marketers: Here's a Novel Concept... Get Paid to Tell the Truth!

If you want to know what's really going on in the world today, watch Chris Smith's award-winning 2009 documentary COLLAPSE.  Roger Ebert gave it 4 STARS and a rave review.

You can watch the whole movie right here!

If you can accept the logical worldview laid out in Collapse, you're well on your way to understanding what's actually going on right now.

Civil unrest spreading around the world? Check.
Tensions building between the US, China, etc?  Check.
Big fluctuations in oil and food prices?  You know it.
Record extreme weather events and natural disaster losses? Check.
Are the rich getting much richer while the poor are getting poorer? Sadly, YES.
Did the DOW just drop 512 points today 8/4/11? Indubitably.
Are the talking heads spouting "Recession" again even though -- for most Americans -- it's felt like a depression since 2008?  No doubt about it.

Well, despite the shit sandwich humanity is currently eating, today is YOUR LUCKY DAY!

Get paid to tell the truth.
Get paid to wake people up to REALITY.
Get paid to spread awareness, restore sanity, stop wars, and save lives!
Get paid to build the *New Media* while simultaneously sticking it to "The Man!"

How, you ask? Simple.  Promote COLLAPSE's subject Michael C. Ruppert and his latest project CollapseNet.com.  Through the new CollapseNet Affiliate Program you will earn 20% commissions on new members.  This isn't a multi-level-marketing strategy.  If you send traffic to CollapseNet, your information is stored in their Cookies, and you'll get a 20% cut when they sign up.

Annual memberships are $100, so each new subscriber gets you $20. 

Get Paid to Wake People Up and Save Lives: Join CollapseNet's Member Referral Program from CollapseNet.com on Vimeo.

For more info on the new CollapseNet Affiliate Program go here...