Feliz Navidad

Whut's up?

What's down?

Am I losing touch?

Or tapping in?

There's no sure answer but these things I know.

1. I'm allowed PANCAKES even though they're not on the employee menu at El Cardon.

2. I can do things in waves with the kite that I've never seen before.

3. Smoking cigarettes is really stupid.

4. Down here my opinions are respected and my presence is almost always welcome.

5. Helping blow up the Bay of Dreams is appealing.

6. The only thing to fear here is myself.

7. Tonight's party is going to be interesting.

8. Gotta go kiting...NOW.

Suerte, Amigos




Hola Amigos,

Go ahead, noone ever reads this stuff anyway...

Why yes, wealthy diners of El Cardon, that is Faith No More covering Lionel Ritchie's "Easy Like Sunday Morning"... flowing right into "Boogie On Reggae Woman" by Stevie Wonder. Por que no. Bienvenidos a La Casa de Gringos Locos. Eat it up.

The severely mangled power plug flickers green and orange and "off" on my aging iBook G4...

...signalling seriously variable flow of energy.

I can relate.

Symbolic little white bastard, this computadora is a gift of the governement by way of annulled Student Loans. My easy out of Medical School? Medical Hardship... Mountain Madness... hopeless case. RUN!

On again. Off again. On again. Off again.

A security light in a neighborhood where the kids play DITCH... nightly... over what's shaping up to be an endless summer.

Diving into Sinatra "That's Life"... Screamin' J Hawkins "I Put A Spell On You"... G Love "Track 13" on Yeah, Its That Easy... never did know that perfect song's name.

In my typically assbackwards fashion I've apparently decided to make it rich at the time when world economies are crumbling... most notably, our own.

But hey, I'm in Mexico, and all those aging rats have to jump ship to somewhere.

My "Director of Fun" title could just as easily be "Cheesemaker".

It fits. The whole scenario fits.

I think I'm not selling out... but who knows. The whole situation is so weird that I'm just riding the wave clownishly stylie.

What would you do? Bail out before El Viaje even began?! YEP.

Fela Kuti "Jayen Jayen"... into a schmere of old reggae.

Anyway, I've got this...

... whatever I want at what I hope will be the coolest restaurant when we're through... already magical... El Cardon.
.... the nicest bed I've ever slept alone in.
... a campfire every night.
... an office without walls.
... kiteboarding whenever it blows.
... something almost worth doing...giving benefit to the doubt.
... a boat in the bay.
...seriously wide open prospects.

So I'm rolling... right over to a table full of new friends with a CROWN and CROWN and HIELO in my hand.






Hey All,

Things are rolling along here in Mexico.

I've given up on living in the boat and have moved into the "guesthouse" over the 8 car garage. We've got heavy curtains so I can decide to wake with the sun or not.

I may move back to the sailboat once we've got the dinghy motor running again. Forced paddling to and fro clinched the big move...a huge pain in the ass.

We put in a dinghy dock yesterday... which also makes things way sweeter... for everyone.

My motivation on this business excursion is getting in and out in a matter of months with enough money for a BLANGIN' new old boat.

A 50 foot stormproof floating home... I need one to really get gone. La Sin Fin, tough as she is, would last maybe a season in Patagonia.

Anyone interested in buying a boat can take La Sin Fin and her pimpin' dinghy off my hands for $8000. Worth every penny here in the Sea of Cortez. Perfect stomping grounds for Sinny, these.

Unfortunately, I don't have time to sail... too busy kiting... and farting around on the interweb.

CHECK IT: www.downwindkiting.com


Years of restaurant work have left me pretty damn qualified to help get this restaurant up to speed so I'm on that too. Its fun as hell.

CHECK IT: www.elcardon.com.mx


So that's that. The trip is continuing but in a weirder way.

The boss says some Reality TV folks are coming to shoot a pilot. WTF!?!?

I'll cross that burning bridge when it comes.