Banksterism 101

The Founder of Ford Motors could see through "The Matrix".  Can you?
11/16/2012: Max Mogren reporting...

Would you like to know what Henry Ford was talking about when he made that statement 90 years ago?  Do you want to know why there would be a revolution overnight if enough people understood how the banking and monetary system really works?  I hope you do because the Revolution that Ford spoke of -- which needn't be violent -- is long overdue.

An ever growing number of people know exactly what Ford was talking about.  We need your help to bring about the Revolution of Human Consciousness necessary to truly change our world for the better.  Helping you understand what's really wrong -- fundamentally -- with the global banking/monetary system is our top priority.    We're all in this together and only by working together can we possibly overthrow this greedy, consumeristic, wasteful, inequal, unjust, genocidal, and in fact suicidal monetary/banking system.  Only together can we get our civilization back on the right track.

Our goal is to create a world that helps you too, and a world where you'll never have to worry about money again.  Seriously.

Please pay attention and help me help you.  There will be a test because we as a species really need to pass this stage and take life to the next level.

Whether you believe it or not, the entire global banking system is one big Ponzi Scheme.  This may be hard for you to believe, but I'll prove it in simple English by the end of this tutorial.

The same simple banking tricks that Henry Ford spoke of 90 years ago are currently being used to scam -- quite literally -- billions of people out of hundreds of trillions of dollars right now.  Most people -- you and I included -- are getting robbed by this scam, and even relatively well-off upper class people suffer from it too.

The greatest victim, however, is Planet Earth because the banking scam causes economic insanity, corruption, wastefulness, unnecessary suffering, pointless wars, excessive pollution, climate change, and unsustainable development.  All life on this planet suffers and all future generations will suffer for as long as this scam is allowed to continue.  We can stop it.

If you are just scraping by, stuck working a job you hate, can't find any sort of employment, or find yourself drowning in debt, you should really read this article.  If you care about equality and the future of all life on Planet Earth, this article will show you the fundamental flaws in the current system and how we can change it for the benefit of all.

You'll finally know the real reason why so few people get to enjoy a life of wealthy leisure while the majority of us are stuck working jobs we hate and can't ever seem to get ahead.  You'll find out why most people on Earth are totally crushed by poverty despite our technologically advanced and supposedly scientific society.  You will know the banking system's "Big Secret" and how those who control the money supply manipulate all aspects of modern life to the detriment of everyone and everything except the Bankers themselves.

Dozens of books and hundreds of long, complicated articles have been written exposing the fundamental flaws in the current banking system.  These flaws -- which are nicely summarized with the term "BANKSTERISM" -- guarantee systemic inequality, greed, corruption, political failure, endless wars, and are -- believe it or not -- the root force driving the counter-intuitive development and materialistic culture that is destroying all life on Planet Earth.  I know I said that already, but it's worth repeating.

The banking system's fundamental flaw -- the essence of the Banksters' scam -- is easy to see when broken down in normal language, but unfortunately most writers use the hard-to-understand jargon of economics which confuses most people to the point where they give up trying to figure out what money really is and the role it plays in controlling all of our lives.

The purpose of this tutorial is to break down the topic in common language so everyone can understand the most important issue confronting humanity today: institutionalized corruption, injustice, and inequality.

Everything in this tutorial is true, no matter how crazy certain points may seem when you first read them.  These topics aren't covered too often in the mainstream media, and any stories usual take a pro-Banking, pro-Status Quo stance because -- guess what -- the Bankers own and control the mainstream media.  Most schools don't cover this material either because school is designed to indoctrinate the youth with the rules of the existing system, not to empower the youth to overthrow the existing system and replace it with something better.

Please read this with an open mind and do your own research if you have any doubts.  I'll offer plenty of references and recommended reading/viewing at the end.

Thanks for reading this!  Your voice matters!  Use it!

Chapter 1: WHAT IS MONEY?

Most people realize that money is power, that money gets things done, and that money is the one thing you absolutely need in order to survive in the world today.  The Wu Tang Clan summed up what money is pretty well with their song title "C.R.E.A.M.": Cash Rules Everything Around Me.

Money can make you happy or it can make you miserable.  Worrying about money can make you sick while having money can pay for the healthy food, peace of mind, and medical treatments that make you well.  Money can free you up to do whatever you want or it can tie you down to a life of wage slavery.

Unfortunately, most of us are stuck spending much of our lives doing things we'd rather not (working depressing jobs) in order to earn money.  We want to live, and we think we need money, so we work most of our adult lives to get money to buy food, clothes, shelter, etc. We also spend a lot of time worrying about money because we never seem to have enough.

Most people don't like thinking about money because it's depressing.  Most of us are forced to devote much of our lives to earning money, and that sucks.  Many of us feel like no matter how hard we work we'll never have enough money to live the life we want or to feel the sense of security that having a lot of money provides.  It's easy to get frustrated and stop asking questions about money because worrying about money is a constant source of frustration for most people.

It doesn't have to be this way though.

Most people don't realize that modern money like the US Dollar has no actual, physical, tangible worth.  We live in a world of "fiat" (centrally controlled paper) money which is backed by no physical asset or resource.

The American Dollar used to be backed by Gold, then it was backed by Silver, then it was backed by Gold again, but since the Bretton Woods Conference in 1971 the US Dollar has been backed by absolutely nothing but inertia, confidence, unicorn farts, political arrogance, and military force.

Modern money is simply an IOU, a worthless piece of paper that people have agreed to use as a system for trading things that actually have value (like food, fuel, land, homes, etc.).

In reality, money is merely a made up thing to help keep people in line and to motivate them to behave the way rich old white men would like them to behave, just like Santa Claus.  If you don't play by Santa's rules you won't get any presents.  If you don't play by Money's rules you'll find yourself broke, dead, or in prison.

There is never enough money for everyone to have as much as they want so we are forced to work, lie, cheat, steal, beg, or fight for money.  The fact that there is never enough money is not an accident.  Money gets its value by being artificially scarce, and long ago somebody set up the monetary system to work exactly that way.

We are all subject to the rules of money because we were all born into a brainwashing that modern "fiat" money (backed by no physical asset) has value.

PLUTUS was the Greek god of WEALTH.
He was the bastard son of one of Zeus' bastard sons.
Zeus killed Plutus' father on the night Plutus was conceived.
Later Zeus blinded Plutus for being a greedy douche.
In Dante's Inferno Plutus rules the 4th Circle of Hell.
4th Circle of Hell: HOARDERS & WASTERS
plutocrat: one who rules by wealth
plutocracy: rule by the wealthy
plutolary: worship of money
Zeus knew Plutus sucked.

Do you?
Money only has power over us because everybody agrees subconsciously that it is worth something.  Money is like a god: when people believe in a god that god has a lot of power over their lives.  When people stop believing in a god or find a new god, that old god loses its power.

The ancient Greek gods provide a good example of this.  In modern times few people are worried about Zeus zapping them with a lightning bolt, but thousands of years ago many people lived their entire lives in fear of upsetting Zeus or other ancient gods.

In modern times most people live their entire lives in fear of going broke, getting in expensive trouble, going bankrupt from medical bills, or of angering the money gods in some other way.  Some people worship money overtly but most people pretend they don't care about money when actually they do. Despite what they say, most people devote much of their attention and energy to making enough money to stay financially afloat.  Most people don't like living like this but they don't know any other way.

Money makes people do things they'd rather not.  In that sense, money is very much like a god to most people on Earth today.  Therefore the people who control the money supply enjoy almost godlike control over the rest of us.  As we shall see, the Bankers control the money supply.

Money would lose its control over our minds and lives if enough people realized that modern money is just paper, laughed at that fact, stopped chasing it, and stopped agreeing to accept it as payment for things that actually have value.

Changing your relationship with money may sound absurd, but it has happened many, many times before.

Throughout history people have used all sorts of different things as money: shells, beads, crystals, metal coins, and pieces of paper of different colors with different words and different numbers in different languages.  Many, many times throughout history people have decided that the money they were using wasn't really worth anything after all.  This is why you can't walk into a store today and buy stuff with a handful of shells or currency from another country or even money from this country that is so old that nobody believes it has value anymore.

This young woman is burning German Marks (circa 1922) because the
paper burned longer than the wood you could buy with the money.
Put simply, the money was deemed worthless because most
people lost faith in it all at once. Hyperinflation 101.
Yes, a coin collector might spend lots of modern money to buy a rare old coin or bill, but when there is lots of a outdated currency floating around the novelty is lost and the old money is worth nothing.

If enough people decided that modern money wasn't worth anything, a $100 dollar bill would be worth the same amount as a $1 dollar bill.  Both would be good for wiping your ass, starting a fire, or jotting down a "to do" list, but that's about it.  Without faith in it, money is worthless.

Unfortunately, most people have never really thought about what money really is (or isn't), so money rules their lives even though money is really just pieces of paper or made up numbers logged in a bank's computer system.

We are forced to work to earn money though we'd rather not.  We are encouraged to treat money like a god.   We are segregated and discriminated based on how much money we have or how highly paid we are for the work we do.  We are forced to live within a game called "modern economics" though most of us don't like money very much because we don't have any.

The wise comedian Bill Hicks (R.I.P.) explained the controlling role money plays in our lives with the following statement:

By exploring the essence of money we see that it is fundamentally a System of Control.  Money is used to make people work and to keep them in line.  Money is a made up thing, but defying all logic or sanity it serves as the foundation of our civilization.  Love and Respect for all living things would probably be a better foundation for a truly advanced civilization.  What do you think?!

If money wasn't intentionally scarce and everyone had all the money they needed, people wouldn't have to work meaningless, counterproductive, resource-wasting, planet-destroying jobs just to survive.  Money is simply paper, but we've gotten suckered into worshiping and living for it.  We've gotten suckered into spending our entire lives playing a game that most of us are guaranteed to lose.

In short, this is how we are taught to see money:

In reality, this is what money actually is:

Most of us have to work to earn money, but some people (THE BANKSTERS) can give themselves more by simply creating more.  This is not fair, but that's the way the system is set up.  That's the way the game is rigged.  Which leads us to...


"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies... if the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of currency...the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent that their fathers conquered."

--3rd US President Thomas Jefferson

Money has to come from somewhere and most Americans assume that the Federal Government calls up the US Treasury and tells them to fire up the printing presses when more money is needed.  This is not what happens though.  That which Jefferson warned us about is what actually happens.

If the Federal Government just printed itself more money when needed, they could easily pay back the National Debt -- all $16.3 TRILLION dollars -- by simply creating money and using it to pay off the debt.  If the Government just printed money when needed, they could create more jobs simply by printing more money and devoting it to wages.

In theory, the Federal Government could also easily eliminate poverty by simply printing and equitably distributing enough money to feed and shelter the nation's poor.  This sounds insane to most people because we've been conditioned to believe that we all must work 40+ hours per week to earn enough money to get by, but really with all the technological progress, computers, and machines that have been put to work over the last 200 years there really is no need for most people to work full time jobs.

There is plenty of food in this country -- enough to feed all Americans -- but lots of it gets thrown away every day because there isn't enough money to buy it all.  Check the dumpsters behind a grocery store and see for yourself.

Also, there are currently way more empty houses than there are homeless people but the same crazy situation applies: there isn't enough money being properly distributed for the homeless to buy or rent those homes.

Most of the empty homes are empty because they were foreclosed on or built but never sold.  These homes are "bank owned" because the developer who built them or the person who bought them couldn't afford to make payments on them so the homes defaulted back to the lender, aka a bank.

So please ask yourself why the banks get to own millions of empty houses in this country while over a million Americans are homeless.  Pretty crazy, right!?

This unequal and unjust situation exists because privately-owned, for-profit banks actually control the money supply and the creation of money.  In the United States and almost all other countries a privately-owned, unelected, non-governmental Central Bank controls the money supply and decides when more money is needed and who gets it.

What's really crazy is that when the Central Bank creates more money it is loaned into existence and the Central Bank gets to collect interest on it.  All of the money in the United States and most other countries is in fact "debt-based" meaning that it was loaned into existence and the Central Bank gets to collect interest on it.  Even the Federal Government and multinational corporations have to pay interest to the Central Banks because ALL of the money in existence is actually debt, a loan the Central Bank issues and collects interest on.

Imagine that YOU controlled the Central Bank here in the United States.  That would be a pretty sweet job, right?  All you'd have to do is create something out of nothing and charge people to use it.  Even if you were only collecting 1% interest on the debt-based money you loaned into existence you'd still make hundreds of billions of dollars in profits every year.  Also, you could decide who gets the money and at what interest rate, so you'd have a lot of control over elections, governments, businesses, and everyone else.  You could loan money to your friends at 1% interest while charging your enemies 10% interest or refusing them loans entirely. Pretty good scam, eh?!

The Central Bank in the United States is called the Federal Reserve even though it's actually a privately-owned bank.  It's no more "Federal" than Federal Express or Federal Ammunition.  When you hear or read about the Federal Reserve raising or lowering interest rates that means they've decided to change the amount of interest they charge on the debt-based money that they loan into existence.  When the Federal Reserve lowers interest rates people, businesses, governments, and subsidiary (smaller) banks are more keen on borrowing money so more money is created and the economy grows.  When the Federal Reserve raises interest rates it's less appealing to borrow money so the economy generally stalls or shrinks.

Remember that money is just paper backed by no physical, tangible resource like gold, silver, food, fuel, or anything else of value.  It's just paper backed by the collective delusion that it's actually worth something.

While the rest of us have to work to earn money, the Cental Banksters get to create money out of thin air and charge interest on its very existence.  They don't have to work because they control the money supply and can give themselves a low, low interest rate loan any time they want more money.  Also, they get to collect interest payments on all of the money in existence, so even if they loan money to themselves they only have to pay interest to themselves.  The accountability the rest of us are held to does not apply to the Central Banksters.

Believe it or not the US Government pays almost 300 BILLION dollars in interest to these Banksters every year.  Where to does the US Government get the money to pay that interest?  From taxing the rest of us.

Approximately 300 million Americans pay taxes so that means an average of $1,000 from each tax payer goes directly to the Banksters every year.  This is chump change compared to the amount of money the Banksters make by charging interest on all of the money in existence, however.

Here is a nice chart exposing the Banksters' scam:

Are you starting to see the fundamental flaw in the banking/monetary system that Henry Ford warned us about?

At least one US President tried to save us from the banking cartel.  That's why he was killed:

Thomas Jefferson knew the danger of letting private banks control the money supply long ago...


The banking and monetary system is intentionally set up to be complicated and difficult to comprehend.  There are lots of little loopholes and varying circumstances but this is the essence of what happens when money is loaned.  Remember that ALL money is loaned into existence (with interest) and all money is merely paper backed by no physical asset.

Example 1: Joe Sixpack buys a truck.

Joe Sixpack wants a new truck but can't afford to pay cash so he goes online or to the local bank or to one of the many institutions that lend money and asks for a loan for $40,000 dollars.  The lender looks at Joe's credit history and employment situation before agreeing to loan him $40,000.  The lender seeks profit so they decide to charge Joe 5% interest compounded monthly on the loan, which Joe has to pay back in full over 5 years.

Five percent interest doesn't seem too bad to Joe, but it really is a rip off because if Joe follows the payment plan offered him ($0 down payment, $754.85 per month for 60 months) Joe ends up paying back $45,291 which is 13% more than he got from the lender, not the advertised 5%.  Joe could pay less total by paying the loan off early but Joe has lots of other bills to pay, and $754.85 is all he can afford each month so the lender hopes to collect a cool $5,291 of interest (aka, profit) off Joe Sixpack.

Joe has to work hard and earn enough money to pay back $754.85 per month plus his other bills, taxes, and expenses.  If Joe loses his job and can't afford to make the scheduled payments, the lender gets to take his truck away (aka, "repossess" it), and it's tough titty for poor ol' Joe Sixpack.

When the lender loans Joe the $40,000 the lender doesn't go to their vault and physically pull out 400 hundred dollar bills and hand them to Joe.  All the lender does is credit Joe's account $40,000.   The lender simply types "4-0-0-0-0" into their computer and hits "Enter" because that's the way the system (aka, scam) works.

Believe it or not, the lender doesn't even need to have $40,000 to loan Joe $40,000 because the system is set up so "approved" lenders only need to have 10% of the amount loaned in actual assets.    This means that as long as the "approved" lender has $4,000 in assets they can lend Joe Sixpack $40,000.   Banks are allowed to lend out 10x more money than they actually have due to the "fractional reserve" system of modern banking.

Who "approves" lenders?  The Central Banksters and their credit ratings agencies, of course!

Remember this fact the next time one of your friends asks to borrow money from you.  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to loan out 10x the money you actually have... and charge interest on it?!  If you had $10k saved up you could loan out $100k and collect interest on it... but you can't because you're not an "approved" lender.  You're not a Bankster.

So where does the $40,000 lent to Joe actually come from?!

The answer to that question is simple when you know that all money is debt owed to the Central Bank which is the Federal Reserve Bank (privately owned) here in the United States.  The Central Bank loans money to the subsidiary (smaller) lender that Joe gets his loan from, and the Central Bank charges interest on that money.  Remember that the Central Bank created that money out of nothing: the Central Banksters get to pull money out of their ass.

Let's say the Central Bank charges 3% interest (which is close to the current rate) on the $40,000 they lend the "approved" lender that turns around and lends it to Joe at 5% interest.  This means that as Joe pays back the loan the lender he borrowed it from also has to pay back the Central Bank.  Put simply, on the $40,000 loan Joe actually pays back $45,291 and the lender profits $2116.40 while the Central Bank profits $3174.60.

The $40,000 initially loaned to Joe was paid to whoever sold him the truck. The $40,000 Joe gradually pays back to the lender ceases to exist because it never really existed in the first place.  The additional $5,291 Joe pays back ends up in the Banksters' pockets.    Get it?

Remember that Joe worked hard for five long years to pay for that truck while all the Banksters did is create money out of thin air and collect interest on it.  Also remember that if Joe stopped making payments on the truck then the Banksters would get to take it away and declare it "bank owned".  Pretty good scam, eh?

This same scam is used by the Banksters when issuing home loans, business loans, and just about any other loan issued.  They make an easy $5 grand off a $40,000 car loan, an easy $50 grand off a $400,000 home loan, and an easy $500 grand off a $4,000,000 dollar business loan.

Now you know why the Bankers in your town are so rich and influential and why Central Bankers are the richest and most powerful people of all: they get to create money out of nothing, loan it into existence, and charge interest on it.

It's too bad Joe Sixpack doesn't have a clue how badly he's getting screwed.  Hopefully we can change that.

Example 2: Uncle Sam fights a war.

The UNITED STATES has a history of fighting wars and wars are expensive.  This is part of the reason that the UNITED STATES is currently $16,300,000,000,000 (16.3 TRILLION) dollars in debt.   You may wonder who the UNITED STATES really "owes" all that money to and the answer is Central Banks.

When people say that the US owes money to China what they really mean is that the US owes money to the Central Bank of China.  This is because all of the money in China and all of the money in almost every other country on Planet Earth is actually debt owed to one of the many privately-owned Central Banks.  Remember that all of the money in all but a few small countries is loaned into existence by a Central Bank that charges interest on those loans.  Therefore all of the money anybody owes anyone else is ultimately owed to one of the Central Banks.  Even if the US owes money to a lot of different countries, government agencies, individuals, corporations, smaller banks, etc. at the end of the day all of that money is truly owed to the Central Banksters because all money is actually debt loaned into existence by the Central Banksters.  Get it?  Good!

Uncle Sam owes money all over the planet, but most of the debt he owes is to the privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank, the Central Bankster branch office located here in the USA.  The Federal Reserve is usually happy to loan Uncle Sam more money because it doesn't cost the Federal Reserve anything to create more money: the wily old Banksters make it out of thin air, and the more money they create the more profits they get to collect from interest payments.

The Federal Reserve and other Central Banks like keeping Uncle Sam (and all other governments) deep in debt because debt is where Banksters' profits -- and political power -- come from.

So Uncle Sam has decided that he needs to fight another war but Uncle Sam is already deep, deep in debt.  Therefore he needs a loan to fight the war and conservative estimates put the cost at a mere $500 BILLION dollars.  Uncle Sam can't just give himself the money because he plays by the Central Banksters' rules so he goes to the Federal Reserve Bank and asks for a loan.  The Federal Reserve decides whether or not they want Uncle Sam to fight this particular war and agrees to extend him another $500 BILLION of credit.  You read that right: the Central Banksters get to decide whether or not to fund a war.

The Federal Reserve used to charge Uncle Sam an average of 6% on his loans, but Sam is so broke right now that the Central Banksters are cutting him a deal and are offering Sam an average interest rate of 2.8% payable over 30 years.  Uncle Sam really needs the money to fight this war so he prints up $500 billion worth of 30 Year Treasury Bonds (just paper) and gives them to the Federal Reserve for a loan of $500 billion Federal Reserve Notes, aka US Dollars (also just paper).

Since Uncle Sam plays by the Banksters' rules he has to pay interest on the loan.  This means that over the next 30 years at 2.8% interest Uncle Sam is supposed to pay the Federal Reserve Banksters a whopping $739.6 BILLION for the initial loan of $500 BILLION.  $239.6 Billion in pure profit collected for doing absolutely no work whatsoever -- CHA-CHING! -- Banksterism pays big.

Uncle Sam has a special agreement with the Central Banksters, however, where he only has to make the minimum interest payments on his loans and never actually pay back any of the balance.  This is how he's been able to get himself $16.3 Trillion in debt.  The Central Banksters don't really expect Uncle Sam to pay back all that debt but they're happy to keep pocketing the interest payments while Sam puts himself deeper and deeper in their debt.

Since Uncle Sam owes the Central Banksters so much money they have a lot of sway over what Uncle Sam does and can encourage him to do favors for them... like fighting wars and toppling governments that don't play by the Central Banksters' rules.

Because they control the money supply and money has so much power over everyone else, the Central Banksters get to make a lot of rules.  One of the Central Banksters biggest rules is called the "Petrodollar System" which demands that all nations use the US Dollar for the international trade of oil.  Oil is one of the most lucrative commodities in the world so the Central Banksters who control the money for international oil transactions have an incredible amount of power over international trade and politics.  Also, they get to collect interest payments on all of the money in existence, so the more people forced to use their money the more they profit. Because of the Petrodollar System the US Dollar (which is actually Federal Reserve Notes) has been the global "reserve currency" for quite some time.  Countries are forced to trade with US Dollars and if they don't agree to those rules the Central Banksters are not happy.

It's no coincidence that Uncle Sam invaded Iraq, Libya, and is currently plotting to invade Iran because the leaders of those countries wanted to trade their oil internationally for gold instead of a currency that the Central Banksters control:

The Central Banksters also like it when Uncle Sam decides to invade a country and/or topple a government that doesn't already have a privately-owned Central Bank because the Central Banksters want to control all of the money on the planet.  They want to collect interest on all of the money in existence and they want all nations in debt to them -- just like Uncle Sam is -- so they can have political and economic power over more people.

Central Banksters love money, but they love power even more.  This is because money is actually pretty boring to them since they already have more than they could ever spend and can give themselves more any time they want more.  They don't have to work for money, so having it gets boring.  Thus they get their jollies off of having control.

The image above refers to "Rothschild Controlled Central Banks".  The Rothschild's are one of a handful of powerful families that own and control the Central Banks.  Notice how the Federal Reserve is depicted as a giant spider with the entire Planet Earth tangled up in its web.  That web is made out of debt, and it's a pretty apt metaphor when you remember that almost all of the money in existence on Planet Earth is actually an interest-accruing debt owed to Central Banksters like the Rothschild Family Banking Dynasty.

There are lots of Central Banksters and a whole lot more minor league Banksters, but the Rothschild's are famous for historically being a bunch of arrogant pricks about their Banksterism.  This historical douche-baggery is evidenced by the following illuminating quotes from a couple of dead Rothschilds:

Unlike small-time Banksters, the Central Banksters like the Rothschild Dynasty don't want people to pay back their debts because the more debt that is owed to them the more profits they reap and the more political power they can wield.  Central Banksters are the "senior bondholders" of the global economy meaning that the most powerful, wealthy, and well-connected Banksters don't have to pay anyone back because they get their money for free by creating it out of nothing.  When a debt is paid back to the biggest Central Banks the balance simply ceases to exist while the Central Banksters get too keep all the interest payments.

Central Banking -- where a monopoly of associated Central Banksters bands together and controls the global money supply -- is a relatively modern phenomenon.  In fact, The Federal Reserve Bank here in the USA was founded only 99 years ago.  Congressmen Ron Paul summed up our current situation concisely with the following statement:

Wars aren't very good for the people forced to fight them, for the planet they're fought upon, for the taxpayers forced to fund them, or for the governments overthrown by them... but wars are GREAT for Central Banksters because they get to issue a lot of loans for funding the war and cleaning up the mess afterwards.  More loans issued means more interest payments, and everybody loses except the Central Banksters!

Believe it or not, the Central Banksters often fund BOTH SIDES of a war.  This may sound crazy, but that's the way it is.   World War II is a great example of this.  Germany was totally broke after losing WWI and the only way they could afford to fight WWII was by accepting loans from Central Banks.  These same Central Banks funded the Allied Forces.  Why would Bankers fund both sides of a war?  Because wars are very expensive and banks get to collect interest on all of the money conjured up out of thin air and lent out to fund them.  Wars put countries much deeper in debt, and thus the Central Banksters have more control over the countries.  Reality is stranger than fiction.

After Uncle Sam is finished invading a country and has installed a puppet government willing to work with the Central Banksters, it's harvest time.  The country which has been destroyed needs to be rebuilt so the "humanitarian" Central Banksters issue loans to rebuild the critical infrastructure.  They don't rebuild all of the homes destroyed or compensate for lives torn apart by the war but they do invest in the infrastructure and political/military system needed to exploit the conquered nation's natural resources.

Since the conquered nation suddenly finds itself so deep in debt and looking down the barrel of the gun that just murdered much of its population, the puppet government of the conquered nation has no choice but to turn over their resources to pay back debt (plus interest) they now owe to the Central Banksters...

Example 3: "Developing Nation" accepts foreign aid.

"There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation.  One is by sword.  The other is by debt."

-- 2nd US President John Adams

Wars are messy, expensive, wasteful, and tend to piss a lot of people off, so there is a much sneakier way the Central Banksters like to use to take over countries.  As John Adams said some 200 years ago, it is possible to conquer and enslave a nation without firing a single bullet.  It is possible to conquer and enslave a nation with debt.

There are lots of ways to enslave a nation with debt under the guise of helping them.  There are several Global Banks (the biggest Central Banks of all) like the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank (WB), and Bank of International Settlements (BIS).  These privately-owned Global Banks supposedly operate for humanitarian purposes. Supposedly... but you and I know that privately-owned Banks (like Corporations) operate for power and profit.  Anything else is just Public Relations.

These Global Banksters work together with the UN, the US, the EU, NATO, China and other powerful government agencies to distribute "foreign aid" which is a nice-sounding way of saying they make loans to "developing nations" and charge interest on those loans.

A "developing nation" may have existed peacefully, prosperously, and independently for thousands of years but no nation is sufficiently developed in the Central Banksters' opinion until it's doing what they want and generating revenue for them.  The Banksters issue loans to fund development of the "developing nation" and therefore get to decide more or less how that nation gets developed... while collecting interest payments on those loans.

Most developing nations eagerly accept foreign aid, aka outside investment, because most developing nations are governed by people who like having money, want to help their people, don't understand Banksterism well enough to realize that they're getting scammed, or are corrupt and couldn't give a flying fuck about most of the people in their nation.


"Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."  -- Lord Acton, British Historian, 1887

This quote explains why so many leaders are corrupt and why the Banksters who control the global money supply are the most corrupt people of all.  The Banksters have enjoyed godlike power for far too long by controlling the most powerful "god" on Earth today: MONEY.

If a developing nation isn't too keen on accepting foreign investment, the Global Banksters have lots of options to make a developing nation more cooperative.  They can covertly offer gifts to the developing nation's leaders, make threats to the developing nation's leaders, meddle with local/regional politics, fund political candidates that support Banksterism, rig local elections, or simply assassinate a few members of the developing nation's leadership in hopes that the rest of em' get the message and get with the program.

More overtly, the Global Banksters can buy out local or regional media outlets and inundate a developing nation's populace with a message that consistently promotes Western lifestyles, products, economics, and development.  Once the local kids are hooked on Consumerism, it's just a matter of time before a developing nation is clamoring for more stuff than it can afford, so they eventually opt in to the Global Banksters' economic scam and effectively enslave themselves.

Some people in the developing nation certainly benefit by buying in to Banksterism, but the vast majority of people are no better off or end up working as slaves to an outside system with no respect for local culture or tradition.  Best case scenario the developing nation gets to buy back its autonomy and ancestral lands (with interest) but more typically that nation remains deep in debt to Global Banksters from there on out.

Even if a developing nation has no desire for foreign aid and its people cannot be wooed by the temptations of Western Consumerism, the Central Banksters need only wait for a regional conflict, natural disaster, or a little "weather warfare" which leaves a nation little choice but to accept outside help.  Droughts, storms, earthquakes, political instability, and economic strife can all be used by the Banksters to get a foot in the door.

When the Global Banksters issue a loan to a developing nation they're planning on keeping that nation in debt and exploiting its people and resources for as long as possible.  The Banksters' "foreign aid" is not really about helping anyone except themselves.

If you find this hard to believe, just remember that millions of people right here in America are broke, homeless, going hungry, and struggling to survive while the Central Banksters own millions of empty houses and have a monopoly on the creation of money.  If the Central Banksters here won't even give the American people a break do you really think they give a flying fuck about the well-being of poor, powerless, uneducated people halfway around the world?  Don't be so naive.

David Rockefeller, Bankster Extraordinaire, has a few words for you...


The Banksters global scam is so simple that it literally hides in plain view.  Even most educated people don't really understand what fiat currency (worthless paper money) is and have no idea that the Federal Reserve is a private bank that charges interest on all of the money they create.  Most people have never contemplated the banking system or how money works so they'll never draw these conclusions on their own.  It took me a few years of research to figure this stuff out, even though it's not very complicated.

For the most part the Banksters operate behind the scenes and most people don't realize that the same accountability the rest of us are held to does not apply to them.  The Banksters decide who gets how much money and at what interest rate so they can control the media.  If a media outlet exposes their scam or proposes a new monetary/banking system the Banksters have many options for shutting that media outlet up or down.  The Banksters have as much money as they want so they can fund lawsuits against a media outlet, use other media outlets to discredit that media outlet, buy up that media outlet and change it's editorial policy, encourage advertisers to stop supporting a media outlet, or simply pay to have dissenting voices silenced violently.

Another ingenious aspect of the Banksters' global scam is that it rewards people who already have a good deal of money for taking part in their system.  Normal people with money can invest that money and earn interest on it.  The typical investor will never enjoy profits like the Central Banksters, but the typical investor is doing better than most people so the system seems to be functioning flawlessly from their all-too-typical short-sighted and self-interested perspective.

Within the current system more money means more power, so power has been consolidated in the hands of people who think the current, corrupt monetary system is just dandy.  Most people with money want to protect their wealth so they unknowingly protect the system enslaving us all.  Even people who donate a lot of money to charity rarely donate to organizations looking to overthrow the monetary paradigm.  Go figure.

Lastly, Banksters get away with this scam because they're so damn rich that they can buy out, buy off, and buy in to just about anything.  If a media outlet threatens their monopoly they can easily buy it out and shut it down.  If a political party threatens their monopoly they can effortlessly support the opposition.  If a sovereign nation opposes their system they can send in Uncle Sam or NATO and blast them to smithereens!

As stated earlier, the US is deep in debt to the Banksters to the point where almost $300 BILLION of tax money is spent every year solely to pay the interest on the ever growing National Debt.  Questioning the legitimacy of the National Debt never crosses most people's minds and if a politician were to do so, they'd probably have a hard time finding enough financial support to fund their next reelection campaign.  Both Romney and Obama got a lot of their political contributions from Banksters.  Politicians have to "re-earn" their powerful positions every few years, while unelected Central Banksters hold their power for life and pass it on to whomever they see fit... largely behind the scenes.

Since everyone is "in debt" to the Central Banksters, they get to make the rules and change the rules when it suits their purposes.

This infographic is worth sharing again since it explains nicely how the scam works and why so many people blindly go along with it:


A Ponzi (aka Pyramid) Scheme is a scam where the suckers get tricked into investing in an unsustainable system.  The people who set up the system and the people who "got in at the ground floor" by investing early profit greatly while later investors get screwed.  In the simplest Ponzi Schemes the scammer promises big returns on an investment and rewards the first people who buy in by using some of the money from subsequent investors to pay off the initial investors... while pocketing some of the money invested themselves, of course.  A Ponzi scheme usually entices new investors by offering higher returns than other investments. Perpetuation of the high returns requires an ever-increasing flow of money from new investors to keep the scheme going.  Eventually a Ponzi Scheme crumbles when it stops growing and the people who bought into it last realize that they're getting screwed and will never see the returns they've been promised.

The entire global banking and monetary system is an unsustainable system because when money is loaned into existence it must be paid back with interest.  In order to pay off the interest the economy has to keep growing.  There are limits to how big the economy can grow because the planet only has so many resources (oil, water, land, etc).  Therefore at some point in time economic growth will no longer be possible and the last people buying into the system (the young and future generations born into the system) will get screwed into inheriting a thoroughly exploited and war-ravaged world and diminishing standard of living.

This phenomenon is easy to see in the developing world at the moment.  When a country buys into the global banking system (aka saddles itself with debt) the people of that country are forced to exploit their resources and work shitty jobs to pay off the debt owed while being enticed with the promise emanating from their recently-acquired TVs that one day they too will enjoy an easy, consumeristic lifestyle like those wealthy few who "got in on the ground floor" are currently experiencing.  In reality, the developing nation has enslaved itself and is toiling to extract all of their resources, and at some point there will be no more resources left to exploit.  Eventually all that remains is a whole lot of people expecting a higher standard of living that will never come their way.  Eventually those people get very angry at having been tricked.

The same situation is easy to see with the youth in America today.  They've been convinced that by paying absurd amounts of money for an education (aka indoctrination) that they will find high paying jobs allowing them to pay of their debt and eventually enjoy the lifestyles their parents enjoyed... if they work long and hard enough at it.  In reality, they're just getting tricked into following someone else's rules and will only really get rich by mimicking their masters and exploiting others.

The entire system is a lot like a rider on a horse using a carrot to entice the horse to move.  If the horse ever caught up to the carrot he would stop and eat it, so the rider always keeps it just out of his grasp.  The Banksters are the riders and the rest of us are the horses who can never quite get the carrot they're dangling in front of us.

One trick banksters use to keep the carrot just out of reach is called INFLATION.  Another trick they use to keep the carrot just out a of reach is called DEBT.  When you're stuck working to pay the interest on a DEBT -- and remember that all money is in fact debt -- you are most certainly having INFLATION work against you.

In an earlier chapter I mentioned that the Government could simply print and distribute money to eliminate the financial problems most Americans face.  This is only true to a certain extent though because printing money causes Inflation, meaning that when more money is created all of the money in existence becomes worth less.  When there is more money in circulation prices go up following the economic "law" of supply and demand.  Lots of money has been created over the last century which is why a cup of coffee used to cost five cents and now costs a dollar or more.

Especially over the last decade we've seen massive inflation in the cost of essentials like food, fuel, housing, etc.  Wages generally rise slower than inflation and thus the carrot is always just out of our reach.

Remember that modern fiat (merely paper) money only has value by being artificially scarce, so if everyone had all the money they needed it wouldn't be worth much anymore because few people would choose to work for something they already had enough of.  The Banksters have to be careful that average people don't accumulate too much money because then they'd stop working for it and money would lose control over their lives.  Also, the Banksters have to be careful that average people don't become too poor because when people don't have enough money to meet their basic needs they lose faith in the monetary system and start looking for the sorts of answers this tutorial provides.

Inflation has been a very serious problem over the last century largely because of Central Banksterism.  The following chart illustrates this trend nicely.

Because of inflation, burying your money in a coffee can out in the yard is not a very wise way to preserve it's value.  Because of inflation people who have saved some money, are considered "wise" if they reinvest their savings into the system that forces them to work meaningless jobs, slaving away for a made-up thing.

Inflation has really started to hurt the average worker over the last decade and especially since the economic depression that started with the housing bubble crash in 2008.  This is why the price of gasoline has pretty much quadrupled over the last decade while wages have remained the same.

The Central Banksters caused the bubble in the housing market by offering cheap loans to people who really couldn't afford them.  The Central Banksters crashed the housing bubble by raising interest rates and decreasing the amount of money affordably available to pay off all of those loans.  Now the Central Banksters are gifting themselves trillions of dollars in "bailout money" to keep the economy from collapsing entirely.  They are using this bail out money to pay back the money supposedly owed to themselves.  They then use this money to buy up all of the valuable land and resources on the planet.

Unfortunately, the more money the Central Banksters print and gift to themselves, the less the money you earn or have saved is worth.  Prices go up and the carrot remains out of your grasp so you keep on working just to get by with no hope of ever getting to retire and rest.

George Carlin was a genius and explained all of this concisely in the following comedy routine:

Here is another great video from the folks at Sustainable Man...

Sustainable Man Vs. The Federal Reserve from Sustainable Man on Vimeo.


Fortunately, there are parts of the world where people are already standing up to the Banksters.  You may have heard about Iceland's economy crashing a few years ago, and that happened because the Banksters caused it to happen.  Instead of letting the Banksters get away with this crime against humanity Iceland jailed local Banksters and kicked the Global Banksters out of their country.  Instead of bailing out banks Iceland let the banks fail and bailed out there people instead!

If all people, businesses, and governments paid back all of their debts simultaneously -- or had their debts forgiven with the stroke of a pen -- the Central Bankster's would lose their monopoly on money.  No one would owe them anything anymore and their stranglehold on all of our lives would dissolve instantly.  This has happened many times throughout history and is known as a "DEBT JUBILEE" meaning that all or most debts were forgiven with the stroke of a pen.

As a civilization we're truly going the wrong way and have been for quite some time.  If you trace the insanity backwards it turns out the Bible was right about at least one major thing: the love of money truly is the root of all evil.  Those who control the money supply are the evilest people of all.

I'm no Bible-Thumper but I do appreciate the one time Jesus supposedly lost his shit and started beating people: when he was offended by the "money changers" (aka Banksters) who were scamming people at a temple.  Planet Earth is our temple and the Banksters are scamming all of us and defiling the sacred place we all depend on for our existence.

There is a lot that we can do to change this System, to "flip the table" and disrupt the game that is enslaving the majority of us.  Here are a few suggestions:

*RAISE AWARENESS OF THE BANKING SCAM BY SHARING INFORMATION LIKE THIS.  The banking system only gets away with their scam because most people don't realize it's a scam.













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