NOTE: I am a big fan of the work of Clifford Carnicom and the Carnicom Institute on the topics of chemtrails and morgellon's disease. As such, I have reproduced their Winter 2013 newsletter here from an email I just received. There are lots of good links here to informative interviews and articles.

January 2013                                                                                       Issue 4

Welcome to the
Winter Newsletter and 2013!
Carnicom Institute is a non-profit organization working solely for the benefit of humanity and the public interest. Our goal is to provide the public with beneficial and responsible information concerning human health and the environment. The Institute is extensively active in conducting scientific research and public education relating to the consequences of geoengineering and bioengineering. Thank you for your support of Carnicom Institute. We look forward to providing updates on our current activities and progress.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Looking Back At 2012 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Carnicom Institute participates in interviews and presentations if times and dates permit to keep the public informed.  One of the most significant presentation of 2012 was Clifford Carnicom's attendence and presentation at the "Conciousness Beyond Chemtrails" conference that took place in Los Angeles last August.
We have heard positive reviews from attendees and those who have watched the Conference DVD set. Although Mr. Carnicom was unable to finish his discussion due to time restrictions, the information conveyed is worth viewing.
If you have an interest, we encourage you to purchase the DVDs while they are still available. 
Follow this link to make your selection:

Morgellons Research Report:

The Carnicom Institute is working earnestly on our current research project aimed at studying  measurable characteristics of the Morgellons condition using the high standards of bio-medical research.  Dr. Jim McClure of Santa Fe has stepped forward to lead us in this challenging endeavor. A small number of doctors have also joined us in an advisory capacity.  Our research team meets weekly to discuss the findings that are beginning to come in, albeit more slowly than we might have hoped.  We have had some administrative kinks to work out, and we apologize for any delay in communications for the project.  We are streamlining our systems and our communications are improving. 
At present 170 people have been sent documents for the first phase of the project. We are waiting to hear back from many of those people, but we also have a sizeable portion who are being processed through the various phases of the project. Please see the Morgellons Research Project (MRP) status report on our website for a description of the framework of our study:
Your help is vitally needed. We are looking for more individuals to populate Groups 2 and 3 of our study.  Those who consider themselves healthy, as well as those who do have some health concerns which may be related to Morgellons but who do not have the skin lesions characteristic of the condition are strongly urged to participate in the MRP. At present most of our applicants are those struggling with Morgellons; we need to have control groups against which to measure their medical data. Please consider joining us as a participant.  The results of our study will do a great deal to give the Morgellons condition the scientific legitimacy it deserves.  Thank you for your consideration of our request.  We cannot do this without you. The public loses for every day our study is delayed due to inaction.   
We believe a greater understanding of the Morgellons Condition is vital, and must be accomplished for the benefit of us all. We hope that you will offer us your help. Get Involved Now!


  Focus on Health
October  2012 - Blogtalk with Pamela  Crane: Morgellons Focus on Health is an advocate group for those  suffering from toxic based desease such as Morgellons, Autism, Tick Born  Disease, Vector based illness, Chronic Fatigue and stubborn toxic weight gain. Clifford was the featured speaker in  this October 4th interview.
December  2012 
- Global  Skywatch: Russ Tanner hosts a conference call with guest speaker, Clifford  Carnicom. Global Skywatch is an activist group that feels exposing chemtrails is  no longer a choice. It's not even a responsibility. It's a desperate last-ditch  effort to save this world from a destruction unmatched in human history.  

Global  Skywatch with Clifford
 January 2013  - Transitions Radio Magazine based in Santa Fe, host Alan Hutner interviewed scientist, Clifford Carnicom and chiropractic physician, Dr. Jim McClure as they provide an overview of Carnicom Institute's Morgellons Research Study. Carnicom & Dr. McClure on Transitions Radio(Interview begins at approximately 18 mins.)
Other past interviews can be found on the Carnicom Institute’s website media page. While visiting the site, be sure to review the links that connect directly to video presentations of therevolutionary molecular biologist, Bruce Lipton.

Research Papers:

Clifford Carnicom has prensented hundreds of research papers through the years. His most recently papers are outlined below. Please visit the Media Research Library accessible through the Carnicom Institute website to continuing reading. Research

January 10, 2013:

A body of evidence, accumulated over a period of several years, reveals that the Morgellons condition is likely characterized by a host of serious physiological and metabolic imbalances.  These imbalances are caused by the disruption of a variety of major body processes including, as a minimum, the regulation of metabolism by the thyroid, potential liver enlargement, a decrease of oxygen in the circulatory system, the utilization of amino acids important to the body and the oxidation of iron. The impact of this degradation to human health can be concluded to be serious, debilitating and potentially lethal in the cumulative sense; the reports of those who suffer from the condition are in alignment with these conclusions.  This paper will summarize the body of work and chronology which leads to this more comprehensive hypothesis. (In process)


It is now appropriate to disclose the circumstances involving a laboratory report on an airborne filament samplethat was paid for in the year of 1999.  This report was issued jointly by three separate companies and they shall remain anonymous at this time.  It is now appropriate to present this information as the conclusions of the report are undeniably false.



Three methods that appear to interfere with the molecular bonding of the iron-dipeptide complex that is nowunderstood to be characteristic of the "Morgellons" growth structure have been established and identified.  The iron-protein complex is believed to be of, or similar to, the "Rieske Protein" (iron-sulfur) form.

November 3,  2012: AMINO ACIDS VERIFIED

The existence of certain amino acids, namely cysteine and histidine, as a dominant aspect of the "Morgellons" growth structure, appears to have been verified.  This finding, along with that previously recorded on the important role that iron plays from a compositional standpoint, may be a highly important window into the structural framework of the Morgellons condition.

"What's New?"

We have a couple of exciting developments at Carnicom Institute! First, we have purchased an infrared spectrophotometer instrument to help assist the Institute in continuing our important studies. Second, we recently acquired office space which allows us much needed room to continue the research and testing needed for our studies and documentation for Clifford Carnicom's papers.  

What is an infrared spectophotometer?
The value and purpose of an infrared spectrophotometer (along with other instruments as well) is that it can be used to gain insight into the molecular structure of organic compounds.  This is a crucial need that has remained unfulfilled for many years in the biochemistry research that has taken place thus far.  It is not an overstatement to realize that years of work can equivalently be accomplished with greater certainty and insight in relative moments of time with the proper instrumentation and resources.  It is hoped that this equipment can be augmented or replaced with modern computer-based instrumentation at some point in the near future, however, the process of discovery at this important level can now begin.
The spectophotometer is one of the most fundamental tools in biochemical analysis that exists. It's a useful tool in identifying functional groups of organic molecules, basic to all life.  This instrument identifies the principal components of these molecules, so it is very useful to gain insight into environmental and biological materials and samples. 
Carnicom differentiates between the capabilities of this instrument versus the microscope.  “The microscope allows you to see something with your eyes; this instrument allows you to gain insight into the structure of something that you can’t see with your eyes. These molecules vibrate, and infrared makes them vibrate, and this instrument records the vibrations of molecules and translates it into a graph.” 
New Facilities for Carnicom Institute
We are thrilled to announce that Carnicom Institute has an office and laboratory space which are outside of Clifford’s home!  It is a true wonder that all of Clifford’s research to date has been in his own home.  Our new space will provide him with the footing from which to expand, breathe and offer many new possibilities in what he is able to accomplish.  In his words, “For years we have needed a place; we have been constrained by our space.  It has been incredibly frustrating to me, the mismatch between the urgency of the work and the facilities and resources available to us. This will give us a footing to step forward from.”


Visit our youtube page anytime. Athough we do not add new contact often, we try to keep new information available.


We also recommend an interview by Russ Tanner from early December.
His guest was Dane Wigington, an  activist to stop geoengineering for over 10 years.
Here's the  link:

Donations Are Needed:
This is an excellent place to segue into ways that you can help us. Carnicom Institute exists to serve the public.  But it cannot do more than the public gives.  In other words the relationship between the Institute and the public is truly symbiotic. We are in great need of funding to take the steps in research that might help us find answers for health and environmental safeguards to protect, maintain, and even to heal ourselves and the earth.  You can donate to this work by following the link below.  If you can commit to a monthly gift, it would help to sustain our work.  Thank you so much for all the ways that you do give. 

The Institute needs your help. We have potential volunteer participants for the research that would like to join the Morgellons study project but cannot afford the lab tests. Please consider donating today to help us, help them, help us!  
Donating  is easy just follow the “Donate” link.
 All donations are appreciated
to help in our pursuit of healthy living!

When  you donate, a thank you gift will be sent.

Join Our Team!

"There isn’t anything more important that I’ve ever done in my life as far as a cause to get behind. Supporting Clifford in his work and research is so important to me  because he’s one of the only people on the planet doing anything to discover what’s really in the aerosols; to get his work more widely known and in the right hands is what I want to help with."-- David Bankert

Please consider joining David as a volunteer at Carnicom Institute. Your help is needed for us to take our work to where it needs to go.  Visit our website ( to learn more about volunteer opportunities at Carnicom Institute.  Write to us at  if you can offer your talents and skills to help us serve the public welfare. 

Express your interest by clicking this link: Volunteer Now! Become active with the issues involving all of us.

Below are the areas of need:

• Administrative & OfficeManage correspondence; create & maintain informational spreadsheets; create Institute Handbook; recruit prospective volunteers and guest speakers; develop mailing lists; telephone responder & account management.

• CommunicationsJournalists/Writers/Speakers/Interviewers/Moderators; Newsletter development, press releases & brochures. Conduct interviews of researchers; speeches/presentations/interviews; work with other socially conscious groups/individuals, grant writing, translators.

• Researchers/Consultants: Propose/develop research as approved for eventual publication & distribution, prepare research papers, develop innovative technology and systems.

• Website & Internet Mgt: Help develop, update and maintain website, search engine promotion, website database-library development, social networking.

• Technical Media Production: Audio & Visual Recording/Editing/Production, Webinar recording, editing production, record live events or audio interviews.

• Marketing and Funding: Marketing & fundraising, propose & implement fund raising ideas.

• Legal/Paralegal: Assist in evaluation of laws, rules and regulations; evaluate complex documents as patents, federal & state tax and non-profit compliance.

• International Team: Extend the frame of Carnicom Institute to other nations.

• Other Positions: Grant Writer, Translators, Marketing Consultant, Fundraising Consultant, and Secretary/Treasurer.
It is our goal to have our skies return to blue - Help us if you can! 

History of Carnicom Institute

On November 13, 2008, Carnicom Institute became a domestic nonprofit corporation chartered in the state of New Mexico. On March 8, 2009, Carnicom Institute received approval from the New Mexico Attorney General's office to operate as a nonprofit organization. In August, 2011, Carnicom Institute received formal notice that its request for 501 c3 status pursuant to IRS Code had been approved. What this means is that all donations to Carnicom Institute are tax deductible as charitable contributions.

Institute Disclaimer

Carnicom Institute is an educational and research organization. We serve the public welfare. We do not advocate any particular products, protocols or therapies related to health or environmental safeguard. It is up to the audience to make an educated decision on how to use the information that is presented. The Institute does not perform any medical diagnosis or prescription of therapy. All studies conducted by the Institute are for research purposes only. Any presentation, opinion or expression by any representative of Carnicom Institute or outside affiliation in no way implies or denotes endorsement by the Institute. The Institute is not affiliated with any political or religious groups.

Thank you for your support!


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