In other news, it's good to see this crew digging their own graves.

See, it's DOCUMENTED that BUSH and CHENEY knew all about Peak Oil by early 2001.  In fact they based their most critical actions upon it.  Why did they lie to us and force America into two endless wars in the Middle East?

OIL, obviously.

I'm not opposed to fighting for something we need, but it'd make a heck of a lot more sense to stop pretending we need it.  I don't.  You don't.  Only THEY do... and only to build something they've already got too much of: WEALTH and POWER.

Sick Bastards.  Let's all help them get better.  Well, at least the next crop...

Cheney looks like he's on his last legs... so long... I hear Hell's hot this time of year.

Clearly Laura and Condi have never used a shovel before in their lives...


The Great American Wank Up Call: Jerk the Jerkoffs Off the Road

I’m in a LOVE/HATE relationship with cigarettes, alcohol, adrenaline, and the internal combustion engine.  My name is Max Mogren, and I'm a struggling Oilaholic.

Thirteen years ago when I started driving, gas was only 89 cents a gallon.  Talk about cheap thrills!

I remember the day I got my driver's license.  It lingers in memory like the first time I got laid, exceptional trips, mind-blowing concerts, getting shacked, and magic moments shared with good friends in perfect snow.  At the impressionable age of 16, gaining all that POWER and FREEDOM was an intoxicating experience.

It's no wonder most Americans suffer from a nasty driving habit: we were all just kids when we first got hooked.

I love jumping behind the wheel and cruising off on adventures, but hate flushing my money down the tank.  I appreciate the modern conveniences that fossil fuels provide, but hate how lazy and entitled we've become.  Most importantly, the environmental destruction of our collective Oil Addiction is too blatant to ignore, and that same Oil Addiction undeniably prompts our endless, blossoming wars.

Kurt Vonnegut explained our predicament in his last book, A Man Without A Country:

We are all addicts of fossil fuels in a state of denial, about to face cold turkey. And like so many addicts about to face cold turkey, our leaders are now committing violent crimes to get what little is left.

Yours Truly During Dumber Days In Baja: It's not my truck, but I did saw the roof off.
Contrary to popular disbelief, there isn't that much Oil left, especially when you consider skyrocketing global demand.  Chinese consumers bought 8.7 million new automobiles in 2007, 9.4 million in 2008, 13.8 million in 2009, and are expected to buy 16 million more by the end of 2010.  Here in the US, we buy about 11 million new vehicles annually, excluding snowmachines, RVs, motorcycles, quads, viagratized golf carts, and other frivolous crap.

China already uses more total energy than we do, and it’s thirst for oil is rapidly approaching our own.  Factor in everything else dependent on oil, and it’s no wonder that humanity uses 85 million barrels PER DAY.

Despite all the hype, only 3% of energy consumed by the USA comes from “green” power sources like wind and solar.  Ethanol is a cruel joke.  It takes more fossil fuel energy to produce ethanol than one gets from burning it.  Turning all that corn into moonshine drives up global food demand and literally prices the planet's poorest people right out of existence. 

This is no doubt troubling, but what really concerns me is that oil demand keeps rising though global oil production peaked in 2005.  Militaries, governments, and corporations have announced that production will soon start declining.

No matter how deep we drill, how much groundwater we ruin by fracking, or how big the slag heaps of processed tar sands become, we already struggle to maintain adequate supply.  Conservative estimates predict a 3-5% decrease in Global Oil Production annually.

Not One Of My Prouder Moments...
Best case scenario, by the year 2030 7+ billion people are peacefully sharing HALF the oil we now consume.  Worst case scenario, in the near future fossil fuel dependent economies collapse further, and energy issues kick off a global resource war.  Unless a massive shift in consciousness occurs around the world, our lust for Oil will be our destruction.

Across Our Nation, a hundred million people drive like fucking idiots.  They treat their vehicles like extensions of their sex organs and assume throttling around at 75 is a god-given right.  They rarely leave home without an automotive exoskeleton and go barreling through life with no plan and minimal awareness.  These people are JERKOFFS, stroking their egos at the expense of international security.

Mountain towns are by no means immune to this sub-human species.  Each summer we’re visited by hordes of arrogant Wino-Dinos piloting absurdly wasteful RVs.  Year round we’ve got jacked up pickup trucks, suburban assault vehicles, solo drivers in empty cars, and frivolous waste of all kinds.  Even on the sweetest spring days, 95 of a hundred Rocky Mountain people putz around behind the wheel when a bike, skateboard, moped, or their own two feet would easily do the trick.

If driving all over the place every fucking day wasn’t so accepted, our friends and neighbors would stop jerking off with the most precious resource on the planet.  Given the seriousness of the global energy crunch, it is our sacred duty to let them know that frivolous fuel consumption is a Highway to Hell.  I am therefore proposing the Great American Wank Up Call: JERK THE JERKOFFS OFF THE ROAD.

Exhibit A: Foolish Person Jerking Off.
The middle finger is offensive, but the universal sign for JERKING OFF is hilarious.  Wherever you find yourself reading this, go ahead and try it.  If you want to get really sassy, cap it off with a flourishing spurt like Leslie Chow in the desert scene of The Hangover.

When you’re walking, skating, biking, or carpooling and you spot absurd vehicles or wasteful behavior, proudly raise your arm and vigorously alert the community to the presence of JERKOFFS.  Perhaps point at the offender with one hand while stroking the sky with the other.  Once you’ve got their attention throw a spurt into a wave as they roll on by.

If they slam on their brakes to confront you, whip out a digicam and catch their antics for digital distribution.  Try to explain your reasoning as best you can.  If they’re bent on a fight, let them swing first and then beat the piss out of them.  Sometimes tough love is the only way to get your point across.



Bullshit Shattering Revelations Compliments of Some Great Fucking Songs...

Those behind the misinformative media machine would rather us all remain brainwashed so they can further their agenda of global domination.  I'm not having it.

Their sandcastle of false promises and fake fears is crumbling as growing waves of consciousness degrade it's foundations.  Can you feel it?  I can, and it's beautiful.

The existing power structure is going to fall soon.  Why not give it a push...

After all, their only power over many of us is a well spun definition of "success" which has been gently pounded into our heads since youth.  We're meant to believe that material wealth and power over others is the root of happiness.  Real world experience shows that this couldn't possibly be true. 

Don't waste the prime of your life conforming and competing in hopes of retiring at middle age to a carefree and cushy existence.  Trust me: it won't be there by the time you get there... and even if it is, you'll have squandered your youth and so much legitimate opportunity that your only reconciliation will be the incessant consumption of trivial and wasteful experiences.

If you're one of the few who end up "making it", here's what you'll gain from your labors...

You may travel around the world, but you won't discover anything.

You may have more money than you can spend, but it'll burden you more than it serves.

You may have power over others, but they will hate and mock you behind your back.

You may build your own little empire, but will have to maintain and protect it for as long as it stands.

You may eat the finest foods, but they'll do nothing to nourish your stunted and sickly soul.

You may live long, but the longer you live the more painfully aware you will become of your utter pointlessness.

Eventually, you will realize that you stood against human evolution and your life was at best inconsequential and at worst counterproductive or destructive.

I say it's better to live fully right now with no expectation of ever "making it".  You only live once, and the older you get the more stuck in their ways you'll become.  Break out now.

See the problem is that our world is overrun by big babies who've never gotten past their terrible twos.  They're all about ME, ME, ME and to hell with everyone and everything else.  If Our Generation has anything worth doing in these doomy days, surely it is throwing wrenches into their maddening machine.

There's a song about those who squandered their one short life.  I listened to it a thousand times in high school, and it no doubt has helped me avoid squandering mine.

I encourage you to follow along with the words because this young man from Texas is screaming truths which we can all benefit from acknowledging.

Strung Out - Rottin' Apple

Hey tired man I see you walk alone.
The wrinkles on you face, a map of all your pain.
Your expression becomes an open book of time, filled with pages of forgotten hopes.
Good intentions, regret, disillusion with life, animosity, unbridled purity.
All these things that I swear I see, and your eyes tell me that you could never be.

So many times I've stared into the eyes of the young, the old, the lonely and the wise.
To find a glimpse of all I have not seen .
To find some peace for my jaded mind.
Don't wanna live my life by the second hand of a clock that's long since past me by.
You say I've got to stay in line,
Well your line is going nowhere and so are you.

Choices decisions made smokin' away the pain inside.
Sit back and watch it all go by.
We could never find the peace of mind we need,
We hid it all away for another day.
Sit back everything's gonna be alright.

Rivers of pain map your agin' skin.
Your expression a journal  of where you've been.
All your dreams and your chances lost.
You walk along that dotted line.

Do you remember a time when you used to dream?
Do you remember a time when you used to live?
All your dreams and chances they're all gone.
So you gave it all away unable to say all you wanna say.
Look at you now - turned out to be the face of misery.
Look at you now a rottin apple's all I see.

Their other power is fear.  Fear that if you stick up for what's right and speak your mind, you will be ostracized or incarcerated.  No one wants to go to prison, but that's exactly where you'll end up if you don't toe their line.  Right?  Nah.

For decades countless people have screamed the truth with little or no consequences.  Many of these people have become truly successful entirely because they were so damn vocal and honest.

If you want YOUR LIFE to amount to more than acquiring your own little hill of digital beans, seek the truth at all costs and spread it regardless of consequence.

To be continued...



There are countless great documentary films that do a better job showcasing the TRUTH than I can.  Amazingly, they're all available online for FREE.

Pop some corn.  Grab a sixer.  Sit back with a few good friends and learn more in a few short hours than most discover during four years of college.  You will be tested on this material... the only question is when and where.

COLLAPSE showcases the study of Michael C. Ruppert, former LAPD narcotics cop and longtime investigative journalist.  Watch COLLAPSE here and then check out his online community CollapseNet.

The Obama Deception by Alex Jones' INFOWARS exposes the New World Order's dubious underlying motives and offers solutions for how to deal with them.  There are some great interviews with hip-hop legend KRS-ONE throughout this video... notably the one where he discusses ENDURANCE.

The End of Liberty by Inflation.us shows us how ridiculously fascist our country is becoming in fighting the endless war on "terrorism".  It turns out the only terrorists we really have to worry about are the ones who are stringing us along with unnecessary fears.  Not coincidentally, these terrorists are the same ones robbing the rest of America via inflation and other "taxation without representation" to fund their desperate attempts at global dominance.

Loose Change 9/11 exposes the United States historical trend of attacking itself (or at least letting someone else attack unopposed) in order to gain public support for unjust wars.  The film also completely debunks the bullshit cover ups of the 9/11 Commission.

If you do any homework on 9/11 and force yourself to assess the real facts surrounding the whole disaster, it becomes glaringly obvious that Bush, Cheney, and other powerful people planned and carried out the disaster to kickstart the War on Terror, the War in Iraq, and the War in Afghanistan.

9/11 was obviously an inside job, and if you don't believe that you haven't been exposed to the real facts.

9/11 conspiracy theory isn't a fringe looney thing.  By visiting any of these sites you'll notice countless well-informed and reputable professionals are willing to put their reputations (and safety) on the line to secure the truth about who planned, funded, and carried out the 9/11 attacks.  Check it out!

Senior Military, Intelligence, and Government Officials
http://www.WantToKnow.info/officialsques tion911commissionreport

http://www.wanttoknow.info/070618profess orsquestion911

Medical professionals

Architects and Engineers




Religious Leaders



If you want more info on 9/11 check out Michael C. Ruppert explaining the Means, Motive and Opportunity for 9/11.  His arguments are very clear and lucidly researched.  Pay attention!