Forget Fearing the Big Bad Wolf & So-Called "Terrorists": Big Bad Corn, Big Bad Gov't, & Big AgriBiz's Bottom Line Are Terrifying

September 27th, 2012 -- Jackson Hole, WY -- Max Mogren reporting...

Turning Corn into inferior automotive fuels while much of the world is starving is morally bankrupt.  Even more disturbing is the fact that 90% of the Corn grown in the United States has been Genetically Modified, and these artificial strains of Corn (and other GM crops) have been linked to Cancer and other deadly medical conditions.  The situation is so dire that Russia recently banned Corn imports from the US to protect themselves from the public health catastrophe currently playing out around the world as the direct result of Genetically Modified foods, most notably GM Corn which is found in 3 out of 4 food products in the average American grocery store.

I used to think many of my fellow Americans had gradually become fat, lazy, and stupid over the last few decades through some fault of our own.  Then I realized that we have been continually fed toxic information by the corporate-controlled mainstream media, and have been slowly poisoned with toxic "foods" by corporate agribiz and less-than-worthless government agencies supposedly assuring the safety of our food supply.

Shockingly, one of the most toxic and dangerous foods currently being foisted upon the unsuspecting populace is found in 3 out of 4 products at the grocery store: GMO Corn.

90% of Corn grown in the United States is Genetically Modified and has been linked to Cancer, Organ Failure, Infertility, and other serious health impacts.  Corn Syrup, the most common sweetener in America has been linked to decreased IQ and mental health impacts as well in a recent UCLA study.

It's no wonder record numbers of Americans are suffering from Diabetes, Obesity, Heart Disease, AD/HD, Early Onset Alzheimers', and other serious health conditions when one simply acknowledges that "we are what we eat" and we as a nation have been fed increasingly toxic food for the last several decades.

Genetically Modified Corn is the most pervasive of the GM crops, and its production is heavily subsidized by the US Government.  There is a reason for this, and it has nothing to do with providing healthy, affordable food to you or yours.

Check out the video and infographic below for more info, and avoid GM Corn like the plague it is intended to be.  Freedom to Mankind...

Big Bad Corn


Facebook Deleted 9/11 Truthers & OWS Activists Posts from Aug31 to Sept18, 2012

September 20th, 2012 -- Max Mogren reporting from Jackson Hole, WY

Two big Anniversaries come up in the first two weeks of September each year from here on out.  September 11th, 2012 marked the 11th Anniversary of the most dastardly and deceptive false-flag, inside-job attack in American history, and September 17th, 2012 maked the 1st Anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Activists and visionaries on the blogosphere and social networks get exceptionally fired up about exposing the ongoing coverup of what really happened on 9/11 and the disgusting police state crackdown on dissent that has plagued America since the Occupy Movement first showed up a year ago.  If Police Departments and Federal Agencies hadn't violently evicted occupations shortly after they showed up, a growing legion of occupiers would still be on the scene across the continent and around the world, and our world would be a more aware and rapidly changing place.  Instead, we now see the crackdown on dissent and activism blatantly rearing up in cyberspace.

This morning it was brought to my attention that many activists and groups timelines had been altered, eliminating all of their activity between August 30th and September 17th.  I immediately checked my profile (I generally share 20-30 links daily) and LOLed when I realized my profile had been tampered with too.  Here you can see a post from Tuesday, September 18th and the previous post is on a friend shared with me on August 31st: two and a half weeks earlier.  One hundred+ posts (many of them "commemorating" 9/11, supporting #OWS, rooting out corruption, and exposing truth) are just GONE.

And if you think this is in any way shape or form acceptable, heed the words of The Lorax in my first post this side of the purge...



9/11 Truthers Make Up The Vast Majority of Piers Morgan's Studio Audience and Jesse Ventura Just Proved It.

September 19th, 2012, Jackson Hole, WY -- Max Mogren reporting...

I'm proud to be a Minnesotan right now.

Jesse Ventura, former Governor of Minnesota and ex-Navy Seal absolutely shreds CNN talking stooge Piers Morgan on his own show.

Watch Jesse drop some serious 9/11 Truth, debunk the illusion of choice between Republicans and Democrats (both parties are corrupted and controlled by corporate and bankster interests), and exposes Piers as one member of a minority of two within his own studio audience with the following amazing exchange:

Piers: I think you make some very sensible points, and you make some crackpot points.

Ventura:  That's your opinion.  How many people here think I make crackpot points?

(one guy in audience raises hand, audience laughs.)

Ventura: One.  How many think I make sensible points.


Ventura: You're the minority, my good friend.  You're the minority.

Check it out.  Research Building 7.  Wake on up, and help spread the word.

We "crackpots" are the Majority, and the .01% minority with all the money is shaking in their golden shoes...

September 17th 2012, CNN, big thanks to MOXNEWS for his tireless efforts recording this stuff!

Here is the BBC news footage where they preemptively report the collapse of WTC Building 7 while it is standing in the background of their broadcast.  Evidence like this should make even the most disinterested and misinformed skeptics scratch their heads...


‘Another World Is Happening’ – Occupy Wall Street 1 Year Anniversary: David DeGraw (legit co-founder of the 99% Movement) Interviewed by Cenk Uygur on The Young Turks

Protestors Arrested in NYC on #S17, 2012
David DeGraw is a heck of a role model, a brave and inspired visionary.  Won't you listen to what he had to say the other day?

While this sane and humane conversation was happening, NYPD, the FBI, and associated branches of the Police State were intimidating and arresting American citizens for protesting.  How can this be the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, when the Government is outlawing protest because our society is crippled by Fear.  Think about it, please.

Better yet, act on it.  What have you really got left to lose?


Chemtrail/Geoengineering Activists #WINNING: Big $$$ Disinfo Campaign Underway: "Scientific" Mock-U-mentary "SKYWATCHER" = Intentionally Misleading, Big Budget, Divide-&-Conquer Tactic Against True Chemtrail Knowledge & Activism...

September 16, 2012 -- Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Max Mogren reporting cuz it's the right thing to do...


Millions of Chemtrail/Geoengineering activists around the globe have witnessed a flourish of growing awareness over the last month since the release of Truth Media Productions brilliant documentary "Why In The World Are They Spraying?" at the historic Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails Conference in Los Angeles.  More people are waking up and looking up every day, so it's no surprise that Establishment Spinmeisters are now showing up on the scene with intentionally misleading disinformation pushing an agenda of half truth.

We, the People, are #WINNING, so incoming enemy rebuttals are expected and must be dealt with accordingly.  Divide and conquer disinformation tactics are old hat for the corrupt Establishment, and money/power-grubbing PR whores are all too eager to push whatever agenda gets kicked down to them.  Thus we must call them out and expose their deceptive insanity for what it is.  Time is of the essence in exposing these tactics and implementing damage control.  If you find this article informative, by all means like and share it.  Thanks!

On 9/11/12 a new "scientific" documentary called "SKYWATCHER: Contrails, Chemtrails, and Artificial Clouds" was released by an "independent researcher" named Dave Dahl from San Luis Obispo, California (NOT to be confused with Dave Dahl from Minneapolis, longtime Head Meteorologist of TV Station KTSP).  Dave Dahl of San Luis Obispo, CA owns PlaceMarkOne a successful PR and Marketing firm that works with big $$$ clients including Apple Computer (makers of the world's #1 covert tracking and irradiating device, the iPhone), AT&T, Yahoo!, and HP.  Interestingly, Dahl's PlaceMarkOne homepage is currently advertising "SKYWATCHER" prominently  alongside recent projects like marketing "ILLUMINATI" (a movie promoting "Keepers of the ancient secrets.  Bearers of the burdens of mankind.  Shepherds of the Earth.") and web design for BIOGY DYNAMICS, a company promising unhackable biometric and cryptographic identity tracking technologies.  When he's not working with the sworn enemies of a free mankind, Dave Dahl also manages his high end tea import company and apparently finds time to independently research and produce HD documentary films claiming ALL chemtrails are the result of Silver Iodide spraying.  Can you smell a PR rat like I can?  Are you spotting a potential conflict of interest yet?!

Fortunately for Dave Dahl there is no conflict of interest on his end, and he won't lose high profile clients or sleep due to his "activism" because his "SKYWATCHER" documentary is textbook disinformation designed to mislead curious minds seeking a taste of info on Chemtrails and to foster uncertainty and disagreement within the growing chemtrail/geoengineering activist community.  Dahl presents a very slick website, a very captivating film, and a massive list of what appear to be impeccable sources (until you actually try following the links in search of actual information backing up his statements).  He does not source ANY of the long-established, passionate chemtrail researchers like the Carnicom Institute, AirCrap.org, GeoengineeringWatch, or the makers of "Why In The World Are They Spraying?" but he does refer people to assorted "National Administrations", "The White House", and "The US Congress" in addition to assorted mainstream news sources and scientific papers that are more or less on topic but do not actually support his main claim that small scale, localized Silver Iodide cloud seeding programs are responsible for all chemtrails.   His nice big list of "Additional References" is really a big pile of BS.

"SKYWATCHER: Contrails, Chemtrails, and Artifical Clouds" would have you believe that the lingering, spreading, eerily unnatural trails billowing out of unmarked, untrackable planes around the globe are merely normal contrails.  In Dave Dahl's world, only normal airplane contrails exist and the ones that happen to stick around and spread do so because of lingering atmospheric Silver Iodide pollution from localized cloud seeding operations.  Dahl summarizes the main points of his film as follows:

1.  Global "chemtrails" and artificial clouds are the result of silver iodide mixing with commercial jet air traffic;  2.  Weather modification via cloud seeding is toxic, counter-productive and insufficient as a solution to our water needs; and  3.  Evidence shows that the formation of artificial clouds worldwide is causing climate change and global warming far more than CO2.

At first glance his argument makes sense because it is largely rooted in truth, but Dahl totally overlooks aerosolized particulate dispersion technologies developed after 1946 (when Silver Iodide was developed) and glosses over other chemicals that are proven to be in use for well documented modern weather modification schemes (Aluminium, Barium, and Strontium).  Additionally, he conveniently overlooks the fact that Silver Iodide cloud seeding programs are done at low altitudes (generally below 10,000 feet) while the commercial jet traffic exhaust supposedly mixing with Silver Iodide is typically present between 30,000 and 40,000 feet (several miles higher than Silver Iodide cloud seeders have any motivation to spread their seeds because there is no precipitation to be harvested or money to be made by spraying way up there!).

In Dave Dahl's world, small quantities of Silver Iodide released by ground-based generators, small rockets, or prop-driven planes at low altitudes (typically at or below 10,000 feet to impact the clouds that actually release rain/snow) somehow finds its way twenty to thirty thousand feet higher into the atmosphere where it impacts the behavior of contrails left by commercial aircraft (generally cruising between 30 and 40 thousand feet), and that Silver Iodide is the culprit that causes those contrails to linger and spread into a high haze that blocks out the sun causing global dimming, catastrophic droughts, and other wacky weather.  In Dave Dahl's world, the small plane pictured on the left is public enemy #1 and the large jet interior pictured below couldn't possibly have anything to do with wacky weather or large quantities of toxic chemicals falling out of the sky onto the unsuspecting populace...

In Dave Dahl's world, the mountain of evidence including patents and documents proving the existence of  advanced Weather Modification technologies that go far beyond Silver Iodide are apparently irrelevant, and the Air Force's 1996 research paper "Weather As A Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather by 2025" documenting the US military's ongoing agenda to control the weather is of little or no significance.  In Dave Dahl's world, absurdly high levels of toxic Aluminium, Barium, and Strontium showing up in rain, snow, and air samples collected around the world are absurdly traced back to the combustion of small flares used by localized cloud seeding planes that look something like this...

Do you really think flares like this are causing the mountain of toxic Aluminium, Barium, and Strontium raining down on humanity daily?  Do you really think flares like this strapped to small planes are drastically altering the planet's climate?
In Dave Dahl's world, no notable technological progress has been made in the realm of aerosolized particulate weather modification in the 66 years since Dr. Bernard Vonnegut developed Silver Iodide cloud seeding technologies while working for GE in 1946.  In Dave Dahl's world a technology implemented over half a century ago is the primary driver of our climate problems now, despite the documented best efforts of militaries, governments, and corporations to continue developing technologies with stated intent to manipulate the weather for power and profit.

It is also worth noting that according toi Dave Dahl, as stated in "SKYWATCHER", Dr. Vonnegut didn't develop those technologies until the 1960s, a notable modification of the well-established historical fact that Silver Iodide cloud seeding was developed by Dr. Vonnegut in 1946.  Any self-respecting researcher of weather modification knows the basic timeline of development, so Dave Dahl immediately exposes himself as a half-wit by botching the basic historical record in his "SKYWATCHER" film.

As an interesting aside, disinformation artists have a historical tendency to intentionally discredit themselves with blatantly false info (however mundane) that damages not only their own credibility but that of true researchers and activists in the field of inquiry they are hired to hinder.  Disinfo campaigns against the 9/11 Truth Movement provide ample evidence of this tactic wherein wacky theories of fringe thinkers and disinformation artists making absurd claims like "the planes were holographs!" or "the buildings were empty!" or "aliens did it!" are focused on and easily debunked by mainstream media in a smokescreen covering up legitimate science and common sense promoted by reputable sources like Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

If Establishment "science" was so effectively used to counter basic Logic and true Science in the wake of 9/11 is it not reasonable to assume the same will be done with chemtrails/geoengineering?  Wouldn't they hire a slick PR firm to do their dirty work?  Doesn't Dave Dahl own a slick PR firm, and doesn't overlooking a mountain of evidence (and the mountains of metal falling out of the sky) make his claims a little suspect?

Exploring Dave Dahl's ultra-stylish artificialclouds.com website provides additional evidence exposing the questionable nature of his so-called skywatching.  Defying all rules of SEO, though Dave Dahl's artificialclouds.com website has existed in its current form for less than a week it already ranks on the top page of a Google search for "chemtrail clouds".  He cites 113 different sources in his film, but most of the links merely take one to the homepage for a fancy sounding government institute where no supporting evidence is found.  His whole operation looks "too good" and therefore exceptionally suspect.

The fact that Dave Dahl singles out and demonizes small scale Silver Iodide cloud seeding technologies accessible to local communities desperately in need of rain as the primary driver of climate change while completely overlooking the existence of much more advanced and infinitely larger programs that global superpowers and megacorporations can use to modify the weather on a much larger scale exposes him for what he is: big budget disinfo pushing a big government agenda.

Those of us working to expose covert Geoengineering/Chemtrail Weather Modification Programs being used by corrupt governments and their bankster overlords to manipulate the weather globally as a weapon of war can see through a smoke screen like "SKYWATCHER" and I hope that you can too.  Freedom to Mankind.  Peace.


GMO Foods Are Bad For Human and Planetary Health: Debunking Big Argribusiness Spin About Genetic Modification With Simple Infographics

GMO OMG WTF are we eating?!
September 13th, 2012, Max Mogren reporting...

Companies like Monsanto and Dow Chemical -- in collusion with our beloved federal government -- have covertly foisted GMOs upon the unsuspecting populace over the last decade.

Though GMOs have been completely banned in over 50 countries and must be labelled in most others, here in the US there is practically no regulation and no need to label these potentially deadly products.

An ever growing mountain of scientific literature confirms fears that GMOs are not good for livestock, humans, or the natural world.

You don't have to take my word for it.  Check out these informative infographics and see for yourself...

For full size images, right click and select "open image in new tab".  Please save and share these excellent infographics!

(update: October 6th, 2012: check out this excellent micro-documentary exposing the serious health risks of GMOs as well...)

(click image to see it full size)


GMO Wheat Linked to Liver Failure. GMO Corn Linked to Organ Failure and Spontaneous Abortions. No Labeling Required In USA. Is Uncle Sam Trying to Kill Us Off?!

... have you ever felt the sinking suspicion that you're being poisoned intentionally by big agriculture, big medicine, and corrupt government?

You're not alone in this awareness and an ever growing mountain of evidence confirms what many have believed for a long time.

More and more Americans are getting sick inexplicably as an epidemic of Auto Immune Disorders, Early Onset Alzheimers', Cancers, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Autism, AD/HD, and other chronic and potentially fatal conditions spread like wildfire across the Western world.

Needless to say, there is a lot of money to be made in the medical field (currently 17% of US GDP), and more sick people means more money flowing uphill into Establishment hands.  Medical bills are the #1 cause of bankruptcy in America.  There is poison in the water (Fluoride), in the vaccines (Mercury, Aluminum, and assorted other nasty shit), poison in the air (Chemtrail nano dust and Fukushima fallout), and poison in the food (GMOS, Aspartame, and countless other additives with proven negative impacts on human health).

Could spreading disease, bankrupting those who can afford health care, and killing off the poor be the latest salvo in mega-corporations asymmetric warfare against the human race?  They've taken all the valuable land. They've taken all of the money, and when that wasn't enough to satisfy their greed they've printed themselves trillions more.  What's to stop them from taking your health as well?

Educate yourself.  Treat your body like the temple that it is.  Freedom to Mankind.



Dr. Huber Explains Science Behind New Organism and Threat from Monsanto's Roundup, GMOs to Disease and Infertility from Food Democracy Now! on Vimeo.

The Gold Solution is a Lie - Bill Still

Excellent commentary on the current state of affairs in the financial world by Bill Still, creator of The Money Masters documentary... if you want to know how the corrupt central banking system really works, the entire documentary is below.


UK Heatwave, Sept. 7th-9th, 2012: What Role Does Geoengineering Play? Does Aircraft SRM (aka Chemtrailing) Increase The Temp or Decrease It?

Note the strange clouds top right in this MSM image...
Geoengineers: Hiding In Plain Sight?  Photo: huffpost.uk
The mainstream media in the UK is currently singing the praises of a "glorious mini heatwave... with temperatures set to soar to an incredible 90F", a heatwave "likely to last until October" and notably "in stark contrast to the rest of the summer which was the wettest for a century".  With high pressure in the area, the Southern parts of the Isles are expected to "enjoy a perfect 'barbecue weekend' of scorching sunshine and blue skies".

In reality, temps are high but skies are anything but blue as showcased by this skyline timelapse shot in London yesterday (September 9th, 2012) from 3-9pm.  Video compliments of http://flippingthepyramid.co.uk/...

Please note that from 0:26-0:31 of this video a plane flies through the shot leaving what appears to be a normal contrail and can be seen dissipating quickly while other lines are seen lingering and spreading to form a high haze.  If you have any doubts about the validy of chemtrail conspiracy theories please ask yourself why some normal contrails would dissipate quickly while others which appear to be at the same altitude not only linger but grow into massive clouds.

Please also note that during times of atmospheric high pressure and settled weather (as confidently forecast across the Southern UK for September 8th, 2012), blue skies with only the occasional fluffy cumulus clouds should be the norm.  The clouds depicted in the video are not what you'd expect during "a perfect 'barbecue weekend' of scorching sunshine and blue skies".

There is something unusual about these high stratus clouds which quite obviously are being sprayed out of airplanes.  Aware individuals around the world have documented similar "chemtrail" incidents around the world throughout the last decade+ with increasing frequency over the last few years.  A similarly unusual heatwave took place in the Midwestern United States around January 5th of 2012 with heavy, heavy spraying documented over Chicago and throughout the Midwest...

More info on the Chicago Heatwave of January 2012 is available here...

The geophysics behind creating heatwaves via artificially inducing high cloud layers is rather simple.  These wispy clouds allow much of the sunlight to reach Earth's surface but serve as a blanket trapping heat from radiating back into space overnight.  Additionally, as evidenced by unnatural high cloud formation the chemical compounds being sprayed create artificial warming higher in the atmosphere which diminishes the normal temperature gradient whereby low altitude air heated by sunlight warming Earth's surface rises and displaces cooler air above.  This is the basic mechanism of cumulus cloud formation, and those of us paying attention know that cumulus clouds do not form during periods of heavy chemtrailing and that existing cumulus clouds will be seen diminishing and disappearing shortly after the most common form of chemtrails are sprayed.

There is a wide body of research proving the existence of government and big business programs which involve spraying certain chemicals out of airplanes with the stated intent of modifying the weather.  These programs are supposedly designed to *combat climate change* and are supposedly only conducted for *limited research purposes*.  In reality these programs actually contribute to climate change and are used for more profitable weather modification schemes and as part of the modern arsenal of asymmetric warfare techniques.  Whether intentional or not, the real inconvenient truth is that many of the chemicals proven to exist in chemtrails are significantly harmful to humans and the planet's ecosystems.  Playing god with the weather is bad enough, and playing god with people's health is where a very clear line in the sand gets drawn.

For more info on Chemtrails, Geoengineering, and what you can do about it, check out the viral documentaries, Why In The World Are They Spraying? (2012) and What In The World Are They Spraying? (2009).

Freedom to Mankind.  God bless.


Heed This Mantra: Who Controls the Internet Controls the Data, & Who Controls the Data Controls the Future: RAP NEWS 15: Big Bro WWWatching U

George Orwell transmitted a message to us across the space/time continuum in the most recent release of Rap News.  On the topic of online surveillance and the growing police state, he said...

"Good day to you.  I tried to warn you noobs, but I see you've actually fell for those who think '1984' is an instruction manual.   An open and universal Internet is the most effective tool you have to address the issues that afflict the world at hand.  Therefore, protecting it is the most essential task that stands before your generation... You must not lose the internet.  Heed this mantra: he who controls the internet controls the data, and who controls the data controls the future.  I leave you with a tool to use: Tor... Google it, it's for anonymity.  This Onion Router helps considerably against tyranny though it's abilities only work for you if you use it consistently.  And even if you don't use it, run it, so it's forces swell... from now on call me George Torwell.  If we had such tools when I wrote '1984' it would have been so much simpler to tell Big Brother to go fuck himself, the mother fucking, cock sucking, piece of shit."  -- GEORGE (T)ORWELL

Big thanks to Robert Foster and all involved with Rap News for sharing messages like this...

"The Experts Are WRONG and Here's How" - Lee Camp's MOC #166 &168

Lee Camp is a friggin' genius.  Pay attention...

Get it straight from the source here...


Audit of Federal Reserve Banking Cartel Reveals $16 Trillion in Secret Bailouts

The financial website ZeroHedge told us about this long ago and now we have confirmation from the Government Accountability Office: $16 TRILLION+ was conjured up out of thin air by America's privately owned Central Banking Cartel and lent out at close to 0% interest to governments, banksters, and mega corporations in the wake of the 2008 financial "crisis", aka MEGA HEIST.  Contrary to what the MSM would have you believe very little of that $16 TRIlLLION has been paid back.

To put $16 TRILLION in perspective, that's $2 TRILLION more than the US GDP. That's enough money to pay practically every American (320,000,000 people) a $50k salary for one year. Put another way, that's enough money to put ~10% of Americans (32 million people) to work at $50k annually for a DECADE.

What's funny is that Ben Bernanke was just here in Jackson Hole calling for more "Quantitative Easing" (aka Bullshit Bankster Bailouts) and was featured on the cover of last weekend's Jackson Hole News & Guide bragging about how prior printings of Federal Reserve funny money had created 2 million American jobs, decreasing unemployment by a measly 1%. If these bailouts (notably the the $16 TRILLION in SECRET bailouts) were really intended to create jobs or improve the quality of life for average Americans as Bernanke pretends they are, $16 TRILLION properly allocated -- as opposed to stolen -- would easily eliminate our unemployment problem and jumpstart the economy.

Did you see a penny of this money personally? Can you get a significant loan at any rate let alone the rate close to 0% that the Banksters are giving to corrupt governments, mega corporations, and one another? What impact has the inflation this sudden printing of TRILLIONS had on the your purchasing power? How are taxpayers ever going to pay this amount back? (hint: they're not.) Most importantly, where did all this money go and how do we the people get it back or change the system in such a way that ill-gotten wealth like this is worthless?!

Excellent commentary...