Geoengineer Plane Finder

This map provides a very useful tool for keeping an eye on the skies where you live. I've got it configured to show my neighborhood (NW Wyoming) but you can easily zoom out move the map to your area.

All commercial air traffic shows up on this map.  All of the airlines and cargo services show up.  Military aircraft and planes contracted to do geoengineering work (aka chemtrailing) do not show up.

When you see lingering/spreading aircraft trails in your sky or you spot a plane that you suspect could be spraying something beyond normal aircraft exhaust, this map is a great way to find out who's flying that plane or if it is an unmarked and untracked flight.

If you configure your digital camera to take pictures with a date/time stamp, you can make use of the "Playback" feature on this map to research a particular plane/trail well after the fact.

Thanks for checking this out and if you find it useful please share!  -- Max Mogren

ps, for a google earth interface with the tracker check out ClimateViewer3D and turn on "Chemtrails/Persistent Contrails" from the many options available on that page.