The Foster Friess Fiasco

Foster Friess -- the Born-Again Billionaire Bankster backing Rick Santorum -- shows his true colors!

(Note: This fiasco went down in the July of 2010 when Friess threw himself an opulent birthday party that I worked at and blogged about.)

I recently attracted a whole lot of negative attention from an ultra-conservative "Christian" billionaire named Foster Friess.

He was throwing himself an over-the-top, four-day-long 70th birthday bash in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

I was working the party as a Hotel Bellman.  I am a Ski Bum, and I can't suffer fools like Friess in silence.

On my personal blog, I expressed my opinion about him and his guests: a terrifying herd of deceitful, hypocritical, batshit-crazy dinosaurs masquerading as Born-Again Christians.

He found out about my postings, and is pissed that one of the peons is questioning his motives and deflating his otherwise ginormous ego.

Foster Friess
Billionaire Hypocrite Foster Friess posing with cowboy clothes atop a horse.
Some Bum named Max posing with skis atop the Grand Teton... (me doing what I love)
For exercising FREE SPEECH in my own little corner of cyberspace, I'm having a war waged against me.  I've been fired from one of my jobs after the employer buckled to economic pressure from Friess.  He's now trying to sway my other employer similarly.  I am also told I'll be facing lawsuits if I don't take down the posts I made.

Friess is a billionaire, born-again, wanna-be-cowboy with a kookily extreme political agenda.  He is one of the few dinosaurs who still believes that human activities aren't changing the climate.  He is anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-immigration, and, apparently, anti-FREE SPEECH when it serves his interests.

He is a Fundamentalist Christian mentally locked in an unnecessary and dangerous idealogical struggle with Fundamentalist Islam.

He thinks big businessmen like himself shouldn't be regulated and can do a better job running the country than our elected officials can.

He calls himself a philanthropist but only gives a very small percentage of his wealth to actual charity.  The whole birthday party was a PR event where he made a big to-do about donating less than 1% of his wealth.  Mind you, this is a man so rich that he could give away 99% of his wealth and suffer nothing.  He'd still have over $10 million in the bank.

This charade is taking place at a time when true philanthropists like Warren Buffet are pledging 99% of their wealth to global health and economic recovery.

While trying to come off sweeter than he really is, Mr. Friess has simultaneously declared war on a poor and powerless ski bum for exercising one of his most basic rights: FREE SPEECH.  His people conspire to bully and intimidate me and my ideas out of existence.

The hilarious irony of the whole situation is that hardly anyone read my blog before Foster Friess started screwing me over.  Had he left me alone, my ideas would have rotted in obscurity.  Now I'm getting over a thousand page views a day, and Foster's true colors are flying.

Whether or not you agree with my opinions, here in America I have a right to share them.  We all do.  God bless it!

If you do agree with my opinions, join me by standing up for yourself.  Together we can defend free speech, root out hypocrisy, and take back some of the power people like Foster Friess have been hoarding for way too long.

Regardless of the similarities and differences you and I have, please decide for yourself who's in the wrong here: the Ski Bum who spoke his mind outside the workplace or the billionaire bible-thumper who's using his wealth and influence to wage war on a dissenting voice.

You'll find the most current updates here as the whole situation unfolds.