Cyber Censorship: Covert Ops Against Independent Media in the US' "War on Information"

“World War Three will be a guerrilla information war
with no division between military & civilian participation.”
—Marshall McLuhan, 1968

I have had the privilege to work at Collapse Network for the last 11 months, and it really has been a treat: I get paid to tell the truth and stick it to "The Man".  How many people get to do that for a living?!

CollapseNet is primarily a news service, and our methods are pretty simple: we sift through the global mainstream media and pull nuggets of truth from the distracting and misleading bullshit corporate-owned, advertising-funded, establishment sources pass off as news.

Our World News Desk is updated daily with dozens of stories from reputable sources around the globe which give our members a clear idea of what's really going on. Our researchers perpetually scan the internet for news, and to the best of our knowledge there is no other website in existence that does what we do as well as we do it.

Whether you agree that industrial civilization is headed for collapse or not, it's impossible to dispute that our stories are reputably sourced and that we uphold high standards of journalistic integrity.

Over the past eleven months, I have seen our membership numbers almost double and our average daily visitors more than triple.  It is inspiring to know that we are reaching an ever growing number of people as we promote a reality-based worldview.

Unfortunately, the US Goverment has a declared "War on Information" (which they're admittedly losing), and cyber attacks have plagued CollapseNet -- and other independent media sources -- for the last several months.  If not for our brilliant IT staff with a combined 50 years of experience, CollapseNet would have been taken offline permanently a long time ago.

Since the Occupy Movement has really gained momentum, these attacks against CollapseNet have increased in frequency and intensity.  We now have an IT expert monitoring the site 24/7, and experience multiple DDOS attacks daily.

Over the last two weeks attacks have become more creative, and we are experiencing vicious attacks on staff computers.   Some of our computers have been sabotaged and are being used to launch DDOS attacks... against CollapseNet!

This slows our computers to a crawl  and makes CollapseNet's firewall cut off access to the site.  It has even resulted in some of our IP addresses being flagged for "hacker" activity and subsequently shut down by service providers.  Just last night, one staff member's router was literally fried while he was experiencing attacks.

These attacks are clearly issuing from a very powerful and coordinated source.  The nature of CollapseNet's content and the services we provide makes it pretty obvious that a large corporation or the Federal Governement is behind these attacks.

Intimidating, annoying, sabotaging, and shutting down the independent media is clearly Treason which violates the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution declaring that no one shall infringe upon the freedom of the press.

If you think Free Speech is essential to a Free Society, please support CollapseNet and other independent media.  At times like this, we need all the help we can get.