Clay Marzo -- Solitude (VID)

Just some damn fine surfing... best in full screen HD, of course.

CLAY MARZO - SOLITUDE from Tom Jennings on Vimeo.
Clay and the desert

additional footage from Scott Bauer and Liam Carter

Modern Money = Conspiracy. Yes, I am a conspiracy theorist. Why aren't you? MOG VLOG #1

The monetary system is a conspiracy.
The entire planet suffers because of this.



I catch a lot of flak from the clueless for my stance on guns.  I have been called names, been accused of fronting for the NRA (ha!), and have even been threatened for speaking up in favor of 2nd Amendment RIGHTS.

I think that We the People need to be well armed at a time when the world's most powerful military is working for an untrustworthy and corrupt government that has declared an endless War on/of Terror.  So shoot me... 

... what's funny is that Gandhi's own autobiography makes it very clear that he opposed governments disarming civilians.  Peace is the answer, but the corrupt assholes controlling our lives are doing everything they can to prevent it.  For example, the endless War of Terror.

For a lot more info on Gandhi's stance on guns, check out the original article by Anthony Gucciardi at StoryLeak...

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We WILL Succeed at Stopping Chemtrails: Thrive Movement's Kimberly Gamble

 Foster and Kimberly Gamble (of the Proctor and Gamble fortune) have devoted themselves to exposing the international bankster cartel, the depopulation agenda, chemtrails/geoengineering, and a host of other issues arising due to the unprecedentedly corrupt and backwards forces  failing to properly govern civilization.  If you're not familiar with the documentary film THRIVE and the Thrive Movement, you should really watch the film and check out their site.

The Gamble's have gambled everything in coming forward on all of these crucial issues.  When I was first exposed to their film Thrive I thought it was disinformation because a lot of the topics the film addressed were new to me.  After a year of research I can confidently say that I trust them and what the Thrive Movement stands for.

If we can stop chemtrails and unleash suppressed energy technologies, the rest of the issues should start to resolve themselves.  After all, artificial scarcity is the name of the game in the monetary system.  Take away artificial scarcity in energy, and artificially scarce money will be as obsolete as oil.

Great new interview below.  --OFF

The Crescendo of Chemtrail Awareness by Zen Gardener

Some big strides have been made recently in chemtrail awareness. Thanks to the efforts of people like Dane Wigington at GeoengineeringWatch.org who has been appearing on dozens of radio shows each month, and approaching civic and environmental groups and regularly contributing eye opening articles to news sites. But there are many others like him, such as the tireless folks like those at aircrap.org and many other sites and blogs. It’s working. We have founding pioneers like Clifford Carnicom at the Carnicom Institute, Will Thomas at WillThomasOnline and Rosalind Peterson at the AgricultureDefenseCoalitionand many others to thank as well.

by Zen Gardner
The list goes on and on.
Remember, most of this is more grass roots than anything. Rather than just preaching to ourselves we need to inform those around us, those who do not yet realize the severity of their condition due to these insane geoengineering programs. These planted algae blooms the Navy is experimenting with, which Rosalind Peterson has been screaming about for years, are yet another horrific program destroying our environment.
When you add GMO foods, fluoridated water, deliberately tainted food and then deadly vaccines, a nightmarish reality starts to set in. And we need to be there to help whenever possible to birth people into this new conscious awareness.
Because it stings like a bitch in a B horror film when it first hits.

The Encouraging Crescendo of Chemtrail Consciousness

There are terrific folks who comment on mine and other sites, many of whom take action whenever they can. And they’re seeing results. So am I. And there’s a different tone in the reactions you get lately. Of course you still get the “don’t tell me”, “leave me alone” or “you’re crazy” but it’s not nearly as often.
Something’s changing. The previously frozen paradigm is shifting and it’s time to load explosive charges into the cracks of the matrix and blast away.
Even more than that, there’s a personal sense of being free to boldly proclaim the Truth that we know, whenever and wherever we are.

 A Poignant Word From Dane Wigington

I spoke to Dane about this issue of urgency and speaking up and the opening we have. He again is so full of this subject and had this to say:
“Global geoengineering is pushing all life on Earth to the breaking point. We are all standing on the end of the plank, with nowhere to hide. We can remain silent as we are pushed over the edge, or we can turn and take a stand.
On a recent evening I was wandering through the forest which surrounds my home, I heard a single lonely frog sound out. Only a few years ago the sound of singing frogs was deafening in this place, but now it is silent, as most of these miraculous amphibians have succumbed to the fallout from the constant spraying. An initial feeling of overwhelming sadness was quickly overcome by a tsunami of anger and motivation. If this frog could hang on, and not give up, neither could I give up. I studied the trees which surrounded the frog and I,  the massive silent sentient beings, also refusing to give up.
We must all refuse to step off the plank, we must never give up.
There is a great convergence occurring. As the “collective insanity” increases the lethal global aerosol spraying, the “collective consciousness” is awakening by the day. There is a profound stirring of dire concern over the toxic spraying and a rapidly growing motivation to take action against it. Responsible radio hosts from around the globe are seeking information to pass on to their listeners. I have been contacted by a number of prominent scientists from major universities who are now getting up to speed and educating their associates. Public consciousness of the geoengineering issue is getting closer to critical mass by the day.
The planet’s life support systems are being decimated by geoengineering programs, which includes the HAARP facilities. Now the planet is pushing back. All data to date continues to confirm the methane mass release occurring in the Arctic. The climate systems and atmosphere as a whole are being ripped apart. Geoengineering is fueling the climate feedback loops and ozone/atmospheric destruction. We must keep stepping up our pace in regards to exposing these deadly programs.
The Power of Two
I’ve been touting an idea for some time regarding the dynamic of individuals telling others about this dire issue.
If one person shares the geoengineering issue with two others on the first day of the month, and then those two share with two each on the second day, and so on for 30 days, well over 5,000,000 people would be made aware at the end of that time. Pretty profound, yet completely true.
Our efforts matter if we pull together. Its up to all of us and this issue cannot wait until tomorrow. If we bring this issue to light, the rest will fall into place. If those that are carrying out these programs, who are completely unaware of what they are doing to their own children, knew this truth they would refuse to participate. I am told by one of the university scientists that this may already be taking place.
Get educated, spread the word, and take a stand. This issue cannot wait.”
Dane Wigington,

It’s A Matter of Fact – “Silent No More” – Demonstrating Daily

There’s no need to convince anyone. Chemtrails just are and people need to look up and take notice. A simple nudge or sign or mention with careful deft follow up will do it in many cases. I’ve seen it over and over when approaching people. “Ever notice these?” “What do you think they’re doing up there?” or “Do you like your skies engineered?” may eventually hit the conversation. Nothing confrontational, these are sleepers who need awakening.
It’s not an exercise in self justification. A lot of compassion is in order.
Approaching individuals is the ultimate form of demonstration. And perhaps soon our only one in the Orwellian state we all now living in. The point is, just doing a little at a time, wherever we are, discreetly and in love, goes a long, long way. We’re not out to alienate or aggravate, but educate and alleviate… ignorance.
I spoke to a sweet check out lady at Trader Joe’s today. I usually start with a comment about “I like to get more cash back than I paid…besides it’s not real money anyway.” It tests the waters a bit, but I joke around to break the ice first. “The government just prints the stuff when they need it, why can’t we?” and they laugh. It will go any number of directions from there, lately it’s talking about Cyprus and how they’re coming after the people’s private savings, which she didn’t know anything about. Then it went to Italy next, then how they pulled the plug on the EU and US economies on purpose…and she was astounded, saying “I knew it! It all seems so pre-planned!” And off to the races I went. She begged me to stop in to see her next time I come to the store.
After advising her to get her money out of the banks and get food and water, my parting words were “Be strong and do the right thing!” She was on board.
This isn’t uncommon. People are waking up, but they’re not going to get a nudge unless we free agents reach out and do some guerrilla truth warfare. They’re SOOO ready to hear more but not finding the source for it due to the limitations of their prescribed circumstances. Mental prisoners, in other words.
That’s where we come in. All of us, any of us. Us. You. Me. Raise your voice. You don’t need to occupy a park, you don’t need to scream bloody murder at a police line with a placard in your hand. Although there’s a time for that, for sure.
We are the solution- by being who we truly are. Everywhere. And without a shred of fear.

It’s Not Just Chemtrail Consciousness – Truth Is Bustin’ Out All Over!

We’re at the cusp of something so fantastic and wonderful that we think it’s too good to be true. I don’t fully understand it but I know it’s real. Our actions in conscious awareness and spreading the message of Love and Truth without fear are the key to the world to come…i.e. manifesting right before us.
Revel in it and pass the word.
The time is now for open conversation, clear message T-shirts, hats, flyers, calling cards, any form of outright truth. Just make it part of your daily routine. Remember, when you’re long gone, what did YOU do to try to  help avert this horrific world takeover? Your kids and grandkids will either be proud, or ultimately ashamed.
Where were you?
Something to think about.
Live life fully. Tell the truth. Live the Truth to the best of your ability.
We all make a difference, one way or the other.
Love, Zen

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Humanity: Unchained (2013) Dominoes Falling Productions

The latest video from our friends at Dominoes Falling Productions.  This one is thought provoking, inspiring, a little bit scary, and as well done as always.

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Tesla and Edison were both GENIUSES (and not enemies), Einstein was a FRAUD, Matthew Inman's Oatmeal is ROTTEN, and Banksters created SCIENTISM to replace actual Science.

Note from OFF: This is a great read.  If you've ever wondered why Tesla and Edison are commonly depicted as enemies and a bit mad, this explains it.  If you've ever wondered why Einstein is never subject to similar criticisms, this may help you wrap your mind around his actual work and political/economic purpose.  For your consideration.  Do your own research and come to your own conclusions.  May the Force be with you.

Avenge Tesla, Elite Truth Warriors Only
Reblogged from: http://jinnwe.com/quest.php?id=1259

WARNING: This knowledge is for elite truth warriors only. If you can't handle being wrong and value your ego more than science then stop reading now. If you believe in the absolute truth, if you believe in science then read on and champion the truth as Tesla would have wanted us to.

The Work of Nikola Tesla is now more suppressed than ever before.
Instead of silence it is a flood of noise, distraction and misinformation. Nearly All Tesla Organizations are controlled outlets and are headed by agents of dis-information. Their job is to distract and entertain and whenever possible misinform. They are funded by the same sources that have suppressed Tesla for over a century.

Where as the bankers made every effort to write Nikola Tesla out of the history books and have him shunned by the press, now that a grass roots effort to bring the truth of Tesla's work to light has emerged the bankers have resorted to Plan B, turn Tesla into an idol while spreading only lies about the true nature of his work. The bankers always make sure to control both sides of every story so no matter who wins, the truth is always hidden in the noise. This is how suppression works.

If we want to vindicate Tesla we must focus on his work, not himself. Tesla was more than an inventor or scientist he was a revolutionary and his work threatened a revolution that would wrestle away control from the bankers and hand it back to humanity. 

Tesla's work was split up into two phases. The first was what most Tesla fans now know about, He reinvented Alternating Current with his patented Polyphase system and set the foundation for our entire electrical grid today.  Not too bad for a young immigrant from Europe.

Think of his Polyphase system like 3 pistons on an engine, instead of just one. It allowed the current to travel farther without huge wires and electrical stations in every neighborhood. A great innovation but it was nothing compared to what Tesla would discover after...

After Tesla lit up Niagara Falls at the Worlds fair the battle was won. Tesla's PolyPhase AC system beat out Edison's DC system and the world was a better place. Tesla became very rich. Edison was a broken man after JP Morgan took his company away from him. Edison was so heartbroken he refused to work on electricity ever again. Edison, the 2nd greatest inventor of all time and the boyhood genius, took the bite of the bankers first. Thus we see that making Edison out to be a villain is completely devoid of reality. Other forces were responsible for the suppression of Tesla. 

Lighting up the Worlds Fair at Niagara falls was enough to send Tesla to the very top of the social luminaries list. He was now a millionaire and honored around the world. Edison was defeated and broken. Had Tesla stopped here he would now be spoken of as a legend. Money and Fame meant little to Tesla, it was the truth he was after and no force on earth could stop him...

It is the second phase of Tesla's work which contains the reason for his suppression. Wardenclyffe is what most people know of this period. This is where the lies and dis-information begin and never end. To truly understand Tesla and his work we must know what Wardenclyffe really was. To understand Wardenclyffe we must look at Tesla greatest discovery, one that is almost never mentioned by Tesla societies and so called Tesla Supporters.

Everytime someone threw a knife switch in a power plant someone would die. This is where the old Hollywood meme "throw the switch" in so many old 40s films came from. The movie Frankenstein was made to ridicule Tesla (Dr. Frankenstein), Steinmetz (Igor) and electricity itself. Tesla fixed their problem and it led him to his greatest discovery.

Engineers were dying in electrical power plants. Every time a knife switched was flipped a massive spike of pure raw electrical power would appear and jump from wire to wire until it landed on an unfortunate worker and electrocuted him with several hundreds of thousands of watts of power. No one knew where this massive electrical spike came from, the power just appeared when the power was suddenly turned off. The power from this spike exceeded the total output of the entire plant so traditional laws of thermo dynamics could not explain it. Tesla helped them insulate their gear to protect their workers but his curiosity was awakened and he began a relentless series of experiments to figure out where this power came from and what exactly it was.

Tesla replicated the mechanism in his lab and managed to create the power spike at will. He found that if the power was cut quickly and pulsed for short periods it would generate this power spike. The faster the pulse and the shorter the duration the more power would appear. As he experimented he found that different frequencies had different physical effects. The power spike could be felt even across the room, it had pressure and it even stung the skin. Tesla even discovered to his amazement that hiding behind a steel door would not help, he could feel the stinging strikes of the power spike as if the steel door was not there. Even hiding in a metal box did not help. (For details about this amazing process of discovery refer to Gerry Vassilatos's Secrets of Cold War Technology)

The aether is the field of infinitely small particles that makes up all of reality and passes through all things. During Tesla's time everyone believed in the existence of the aether. Mendeleev the father of the periodic table in chemistry even listed two gases 1000 times smaller than hydrogen in his first draft of his periodic table. Tesla surmised that Radiant energy was brought forth from the interaction of the aether and cosmic rays from the sun. Einstein came along later and the entire notion of the aether vanished only to be replaced by "spooky action" "the weak force" and many other strange words......

Electricity as we now know it could not do this, nothing could. What was this new force? Further experiments with passing it through various materials began to reveal the true form of this force. When properly pulses and passed through materials such as copper coils of a certain geometry it was not the violent crackling electricity we know today but a fluid, dendritic form of electricity.

A New Kind of Electricity

Radiant Energy is what Tesla called his greatest discovery. It has also come to be called Cold Electricity, Impulse Electricity, Longitudinal Magneto Dielectric Energy and sometimes Scalar electricity. This amazing new energy source ran cold to the touch and often filled the room with a cool breeze. It moved as if it were alive, more feminine in nature it even displayed amazing healing and mood uplifting effects when pulsed at a certain rate. This kind of electricity was alive and had it's own mind and memory. It was also mono polar, meaning it could travel along one wire, it did not need two wires. Tesla's patent 685,957 details the fundamentals of how to utilize Radiant Energy.

Here is an experiment by Eric Dollard in which Tesla's Radiant Energy was fed into a block of wood. Notice the organic tree like pattern it burned into the wood. The fractal shape on the right is an arc of radiant energy.

A Miracle in Healing, Electro Therapy.

Tesla was also one of the greatest healers who have ever lived. His experiments with this amazing new power created an entire new field of medicine, electro therapy. The scary thing is it actually worked. People were being healed and plants grew faster and healthier. It began to spread and amazing new cures would be found by using certain frequencies to kill viruses. Royal Raymond Rife and Ruth Drown were some of the pioneers of this amazing form of healing that sprang forth from Tesla's discovery. Ruth Drown was taken to court and her practice banned. Royal Raymond Rife had his company taken from him and was driven to alcoholism. All such devices are now only to be found in medical "quackery museums" and now when we think of electro therapy we think "electro-SHOCK-therapy" and the Electric Chair. This flavor of suppression is out of scope of this article but it deserves all due inspection by the awakened.

Tesla's discovery of radiant energy was so monumental that he simply stopped working on alternating current altogether. He focused everything on trying to understand exactly where this power came from, what it was and how it could be used to better humanity.

Tesla began to experiment with radiant energy and the earth itself in Central Park in New York. What he discovered was so powerful that he needed to pursue it in isolation. He retreated to Colorado Springs to experiment with radiant energy. This is where WardenClyffe was truly born. 

Tesla found that when he sent radiant energy into the ground he could gather it at a receiving station several miles away. Tesla could indeed transmit electricity wirelessly but NOT through the air. Tesla said in his own words that significant transmission of power through the earth ionosphere wave guide was impossible as it was not thick enough to conduct significant power. The transmission was through the GROUND, literally. This puts to rest one of the biggest pieces of Tesla dis-info, Tesla transmission of electricity was through the EARTH not the air. The electrical term ground literally meant the actual ground itself, but even this has been lost to most electrical engineers.

What was more amazing was that sometimes more power would appear at the other end collectively than was put in. For example if 1000 watts of conventional power was pumped into WardenClyffe then 1000 watts could be gathered at a receiving station in California and another 1000 watts could be gathered at a receiving station in Egypt, for a total of 1000 in and 2000 out. The earth would magnify the power. The more receiving stations the more power. Hence this invention as patented was called the Tesla Magnifying Transmitter. This is the kernel of WardenClyffe.

Thus we see the power was not FREE. It would not simply be generated by the tower, it had to be provided by traditional power stations such as Niagara falls. The WardenClyffe tower itself was NOT an antenna but a transformer. It would take the traditional electricity supplied by a power station and convert it to the organic radiant energy and then pump it into the ground where the antenna actually was. 

Tesla sent electricity through the earth, not the air. This is one of the biggest pieces of misinformation about Tesla. It has kept an army of scientists and fans wasting decades of research on a dead end.

The Antenna was in the ground, not the air. This is another big secret that so called "Tesla societies" never talk about. They know that the secret of Tesla's work was in the geometry of the underground Antenna which is why they will make sure no one ever gets to see it. 

Why then did they shut down WardenClyffe? They say that it is because Morgan could not put a meter on it and thus was not interested. Sounds sensible but upon further thought we can see many other ways a savvy capitalist such as Morgan could profit off such technology through licensing. Upon examining the writings and court proceedings of Tesla we also discover that Tesla offered to put a meter on it for Morgan! (Refer to the compilation of Tesla court proceedings by Leland Anderson) 

Tesla was more than a match for Morgan in the brains department, he knew that if he could finish WardenClyffe and get this network up that eventually the very nature of Radiant Energy itself would free humanity. Tesla now knew what electricity truly was and he knew it's power could not be held back if only he could introduce it in its true form to the world.

"The day when we shall know exactly what “electricity” is, will chronicle an event probably greater, more important than any other recorded in the history of the human race. The time will come when the comfort, the very existence, perhaps, of man will depend upon that wonderful agent. " -Nikola Tesla

Tesla is trying to tell us something here. Electricity is far more than we have been told. Morgan answered to Rockefeller, the Rothchild lieutenant in American. The bankers weren't dumb either they knew where this was all leading and they know Tesla was a man who believed in God and foremost. Their money had no allure to him. 

Tesla's goal with WardenClyffe was to liberate humanity with far more than "free energy" The bankers knew from Tesla's electro therapy experiments how empowering to the mind and spirit this kind of electricity could be if deployed on a vast scale. Tesla's mission with WardenClyffe was to plug into the neural network of the earth and create a World Mind/Spirit Revolution by creating a telluric Radiant Energy Broadcasting system. The energy magnification, transmission and communications were just nice bonuses.

Last Warning: This is where things get hot. Those who prefer comfort to the truth should stop reading now. Those who value the truth above all else continue on.

Once the bankers figured this out it became clear to them what had to be done. The year was 1913, the Titanic had been sunk and conveniently eliminated the key opposition to the Federal Reserve Bank. The Bankers got the Federal Reserve Bank Bill, The 17th Amendment and the Income Tax act all passed on December 21st 1913 while the Congress was away on holiday. This marked a silent coup over the worlds emerging super power, the USA. Tesla, Wardenclyffe and the science of Electricity itself would threaten their new control matrix.

J.P. Morgan was the prime suspect in the controlled demolition that brought down Tesla's lab, despite that he was an angel compared to his boss Rockefeller and his bosses boss, Mr. Rothchild. He gave the order to bring down Tesla and the very science of electricity itself. This was backed up with unlimited funds for a never ending stream of propaganda.

It was not enough to just cut the funding of WardenClyffe, it was not enough to wipe Tesla from the history books, they had to suppress the study of Electricity itself. The bankers knew that to protect their matrix of control they had to ensure that all scientists that came after Tesla would be unable to recreate what he had discovered and that the true nature of Electricity would remain forever hidden. 

“Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality. ”  -Nikola Tesla

Tesla > Steinmetz > Edison > Pretty much any other scientist > Einstein = Correct

Propaganda, Suppression and dis-information always follows the same pattern and tactics. Tesla was ridiculed as Dr. Frankenstein playing God for his discovery of living electricity, Radiant Energy. Only Bankers can play God. Steinmetz, the brilliant engineer who made GE into what it is today and made Tesla's patents actually work, while also saving New York from blowing up was more famous in his day then Babe Ruth yet now we only know of him as Igor. Steinmetz also wrote  books that told the truth about electricity which is why he shall forever be suppressed. Edison was the boyhood genius who worked to the bone to bring us the foundation for all electricity, on which Tesla and Steinmetz built. He is now called a "f***ing Idiot" by paid propaganda agent The Oatmeal and is attacked by mislead geeks everywhere. Yet Einstein emerges unscathed... 

Tesla saw the emergence of modern day physics right before his eyes and he knew exactly what was happening. The bankers needed to suppresses real science and they would proceed to hijack physics to do so. Tesla and all of the other great scientific minds at the time knew that the universe was governed by "non-physical phenomena", that it was electricity which governed physics and chemistry.

"Tesla was trying to tell us something here and the message was not for the time in which he lived, it was for the future, it was for us. He saw what was happening, he knew they were trying to create a false religion and to suppress electricity. We must understand now exactly what he was trying to tell us.
“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” -Nikola Tesla

Tesla is again making it clear that his work and his words are for US, right now! Tesla was speaking to the future, he is speaking to us. Tesla was a man of truly astonishing spiritual vision. He knew that the suppression that he was facing would only grow and that it would go from silence to idol worship. Tesla makes it clear that it is HIS WORK that must be studied. We must resist the drive to turn him into an idol and respect his wishes by finishing his work.
Why then does modern day physics relegate electricity to a second rate power? According to Einstein electricity shouldn't exist. What does Tesla himself say?

To Tesla, the Theory of Relativity was just “a mass of error and deceptive ideas violently opposed to the teachings of great men of science of the past and even to common sense. The theory wraps all these errors and fallacies and clothes them in magnificent mathematical garb which fascinates, dazzles and makes people blind to the underlying error. The theory is like a beggar clothed in purple whom ignorant people take for a king. Its exponents are very brilliant men, but they are meta physicists rather than scientists.” Writing a decade before the explosion of the atom bomb, and ignoring the space curvature data from the 1919 eclipse which supported Einstein’s idea that space was curved around large bodies such as stars, Tesla suggested that the existence of a force field would account for the same mathematical results. Thus, Tesla brazenly concluded, “Not a single one of the relativity propositions has been proved.” - Nikola Tesla

These are the strongest possible words ever spoken by the mind mannered Nikola Tesla. He is coming right out and telling us, to put it in street language "The entire emerging study of physics is a false religion based on a complete and total lie and Einstein is a paid banker stooge." What now passes as physics is in actually not Science but a pillar of the false religion of Scientism. Saint Einstein is only one of it's false prophets. 

Einstein was a clerk in the Swiss patent office. The only thing he ever invented was a refrigerator which did not work. His theory of Relativity was decried as a complete joke by Tesla and all the great scientists of the time, yet despite giving us absolutely no inventions and being proven wrong countless times it still persists.... I guess it's all relative huh?

Even cursory research into the history of Einstein will reveal that he was an ordinary clerk in the Swiss patent office. His only invention was for a refrigerator, which didn't work. His wife, who was Serbian like Tesla, wrote the paper on Optics which won him the Noble prize. Einstein's teachers spoke openly about his incompetence in physics and mathematics. His theory of Relativity has been proven wrong many times and there is a growing movement to expose him as a complete and total fraud.

Einstein was also a  MISOGYNIST of the highest order. He gave his wife no affection, stole her scientific papers and demanded her complete obedience.  You will make sure:- that my clothes and laundry are kept in good order;- that I will receive my three meals regularly in my room;- that my bedroom and study are kept neat etc... and we're supposed to think Edison was the "douchebag" ? (according to the propaganda by the Oatmeal)
Read more about Einstein's over the top misogyny here ) also the book Einstein: His Life and Universe by Walter Isaacson

E=MC2 is the ultimate achievement of dis-information. Every single symbol here is meant to hide the truth about electricity. By falsely binding electricity to mass and then limiting it's velocity to the speed of light the study of electricity is made impossible by all future scientists... so much for science.

E=MC2 is the most famous equation of all time. It is an absolutely astonishing achievement in how absolutely wrong it is. This equation creates an equivalency of mass to energy and then binds it all to a speed limit. We know from the work of everyone from Faraday to Tesla to Steinmetz that there is no energy to mass equivalency. Oliver Heaviside makes it clear that mass has no place in Electrical Units. This plus the obstinate focus on the impossibility of exceeding the speed of light at the main features of the scientific mind virus known as E=MC2. Charles Wheatstone, as early as 1868, proved that electricity moved 288,000 miles per second, almost 1.5 times faster than light at 186,000 miles per second. Once can now see how this equation was crafted specifically to poison the minds of all future scientists and to prevent anyone from seeing the potential of electricity.

The vast majority of educated scientists are beyond hope as they will not be able to unlearn the mind poison of Relativity. Our only hope is to bring the truth of real science to young minds. But what about the Atom bomb you say? How did it work if E=MC2 was wrong? Einstein did not develop the bomb he just pushed for it politically. Oppenheimer was the director of the project but the real brains behind it came from the German scientists that first invented fission decades ago. Relativity had nothing to do with the creation of anything that works. Unlearn what you have learned...

Science went out with Tesla and now we have Scientism and it's high priests, patron saints and army of dis-informers. All sponsored by Banker money. Is it all a big conspiracy? Absolutely NOT. They aren't trying to hide it anymore and we keep believing every thing they say no matter how senseless it sounds, that's hardly a conspiracy, more like bad comedy.

This is why they spend billions looking for some errant "God particle" which they shall never find. This is why great scientific discoveries are announced and never heard from again. Modern physics is based on lies and word play all meant to keep us from looking at the "non-physical phenomena" that controls all physical phenomena, electricity itself. The high priests of Scientism and the bankers who created them will do anything to keep the world from realizing this. Say it loud and say it proud...

Modern Day Physics is a big HOAX and we live in an Electric Universe. Tesla > Einstein !

Tesla's gaunt face says it all. By this point Tesla was forced to survive on meager consulting jobs and they wouldn't even allow him to use his own name. Einstein was the man who replaced Tesla and now we ALL know it. By this point Edison was deaf, nearly blind and had lost nearly everything. We know what really happened and the proof is in the pain on Tesla's face and the assured smug on Einstein's. The little guy is Charles Steinmetz, he took Tesla's technology and basically made it open source, for this the bankers erased his name completely. He was more popular in his time than Babe Ruth yet even Tesla fans have no idea who he is. The books Steinmetz wrote give away Tesla's secrets this is why they don't want anyone ever speaking his name. He was "Igor" in Frankenstein, that's about all the credit he got.

Through the internet people were beginning to understand that it was indeed Einstein who replaced Tesla. It was only a matter of time before a movement began to champion electricity as the root of true physics. This the bankers could not allow so they went to the drawing board and hatched a new propaganda ploy. They had to be careful however as the internet has created an awakened class of thinkers and researchers. 

The bankers, hungry for Africa's natural resources paid a charity organization to create the propaganda known as Kony 2012. It went viral fast and was exposed as a hoax just as fast by the elite truth warriors on the internet. The bankers have learned from this mistake... 

The KONY 2012 ploy failed miserably. It's goal was to begin a new age of colonialism in Africa but it was revealed to be a hoax in less than 24 hours by the internet. The producer of the film was then arrested for masturbating in public in his underwear and the "charity" organization behind it, Invisible Children, was revealed to be an arm of banker propaganda. Our critical thinking saved the lives of many children and has bought Africa precious time to defend itself.

The Oatmeal is a prime example of the new breed of propaganda the bankers will now employ to subvert truth and create a new legion of brainwashed drones among the extremely savvy geek community. They approach a media wizard with an already established fan base and task him with a mission. Matthew Inman did an excellent job rallying the geek community with his Tesla "greatest Geek" web comic, which was just a hatchet job on Edison to protect Einstein and hijack the growing Tesla community.

Now it was time to begin a new calculated effort to suppress Tesla. They needed an internet marketer who could reach the youth and come off as a genuine fan of Tesla. Matthew Inman of the Oatmeal was an inspired choice as his web comics featuring cats and other internet preferred memes was the perfect cover for a new wave of Tesla lies. The goal was to protect Einstein and Scientism and the best way to do this is to give people a decoy to hate on. Edison was chosen as the target to deflect attention away from Einstein.  

Edison was 23 years old when he invented the light bulb. Yes he pretty much invented it as before him it only lasted 5 minutes and cost a fortune. Yet, the Oatmeal wants us to think that the 23 year old Edison was just  a CEO salesman ??? This is simply an outright lie and exposes their true agenda. Edison took the bite of bankers before anyone else. He was the ultimate entrepreneur and his company was the ultimate startup before there were startups. Go back and reread the oatmeal comic to be sickened to your stomach by the propaganda. All this to protect Einstein and Relativity.... Tesla is not happy.

Forbes and Inman went at it in a public dog and pony show to bolster Inman's renegade image. In the end it was just an act and that is revealed when they both bash Tesla to protect Einstein. They always agree on the core issue. In this case protecting the cult of Scientism and Saint Einstein at the expense of Tesla and Real Science, Electricity.

To further add credibility to this debate they employed Forbes to attack Inman. Inman outright slandered Edison calling him an idiot and worse, this gave Forbes easy ammunition to attack Inman and further prop him up as a anti establishment hero when in fact he and Forbes are all working for the same people. Want to know who Forbes works for? Just try and find a single banker on their wealthiest list. The poor Rothchild's didn't even break the top 50, in fact they are no where to be seen. The give away to all this is when Forbes and Inman both agree that Tesla was "crazy" to ever question Einstein. The bankers always control both sides of the game and have them put on a good show but they always agree on the core issue. Those want to inform Inman that we have not been fooled can contact him via twitter.

Matthew Inman's excellent propaganda helped raise over a million dollars from the people to further suppress Tesla technology under the guise of bringing Tesla awareness. Inman was rewarded with media exposure and favors which the bankers always bestow upon their useful idiots. He sees no problem with bragging about how much money he's made. He doesn't think we'll figure this one out. Let's prove him wrong.

To further add insult to injury they linked the new wave of propaganda to afundraiser to take control of WardenClyffe. They managed to get us to pay for it and now the site is locked down and the antenna below the ground will never be allowed to be examined.

The best place for an American Tesla museum would be in NYC where millions could see it easily not all the way out on the middle of Long Island. The organization now in possession of this land forbids anyone from inspected the antenna dimensions claiming that the ground is now poisoned because of chemicals dumped by the former owners, how convenient. Through clever propaganda they managed to get we, the people to fund this project to further suppress Tesla. Next they will be asking for more money to outfit the museum. Let's not fall for this third slap in the face.

Mark Twain was a close personal friend of Tesla and he knew exactly how propoganda worked and tried to warn the people... His warning is more relevant now that ever before. Do we now have the strength to admit that we were fooled?

Welcome to the Resistance

There is a new movement afoot to bring the truth about Tesla to light and it even has a champion. Eric Dollard is the only man alive to have recreated the experiments of Nikola Tesla. Eric Dollard independently discovered Tesla's radiant energy when he was 15 years old without ever hearing about Tesla, performed nuclear meltdown when he was 16 in his parents garage and single handily saved the Navy's communication grid in the Philippines during a Hurricane. Eric Dollard is the real deal and the bankers hate him for it. 

Eric Dollard is the last real Scientist left. A true Arch Aether Mage he has seen every single one of his labs taken from him and has been forced into the desert. Despite that, his will has never been broken.

Eric Dollard is the only one who can finish WardenClyffe. Tesla lacked the math necessary to make the Wardenclyffe network broadband. This math is a unique type of Algebra based on space rather than time, it is called Versor Algebra and it is they key to figuring out the movement of radiant energy through coils and antennas as it propagates throughout the earth. This math allows for simple addition of complex quantities that otherwise would take very complex differential equations to solve for the solution. This is the most complex mathematical problem in existence and Eric Dollard has put it together after 45 years of combining the work of Tesla, Steinmetz and MacFarland. With this math the geometry of the transmitting and receiving antennas can be properly calculated and made broadband. This is the piece of the puzzle that Tesla never finished.

Tesla was a clean cut city boy, Eric Dollard is a feral scientist that can and has survived out in the wilderness.  Eric Dollard has thus developed a deep link with nature and works with the planet whenever possible. Eric has used plant roots as living antennas into the earth and achieved amazing results. This lead Eric to the final piece of the puzzle, the secret to optimizing the magnification of energy by the earth. 

The Location of the transmitter is critical. Tesla knew this which is why he choose a site that was connected to a deep granite rock formation, WardenClyffe. Eric Dollard has gone even deeper than this and discovered a spot that is even more suitable for a WardenlCyffe type telluric transmitter.

KPH is a radio station in Bolinas California that was chosen by Marconi when building the first radio stations in the USA to be based on Tesla technology. The importance of KPH is well known to the bankers which is why they have employed one of their "charity" organizations, Commonwael to take control of the spot and to also poison the land with toxic chemicals, seeing a pattern here?

The response from Jane Alcorn, who received the 1.3 million dollars from the fundraiser. Seems like no WardenClyffee is possible at WardenClyffe because the ground is "contaminated" and "nobody" can build there.... Once you know the truth and see how they lie so easily and try to come off like the good guys, it sickens you to your stomach. 

Maybe it's just a coincidence that Jane Alcorn of the Tesla Science Center that now owns WardenClyffe says the ground is also poisoned there... One thing is for sure, there will now never be a WardenClyffe at WardenClyffe.

Eric Diollard standing before The Marconi building #1 at KPH. The spot that this building sits on is magical as it is in the middle of one of the most powerful ley lines on the planet. It was the dream of Eric's life to have this building as his lab. That dream was ended with a terrorist cell posing as a charity organization known as Commonweal conspired to have it take away from him.

KPH sitting right on one of the most powerful ley lines on the planet earth. Animals from all over gather at this spot and nearly every bird in the pacific migrates to Bolinas. Putting the telluric transmitter on such a spot will ensure that the magnification of the energy is optimal. Compare it to driving a car over unpaved gravel versus a clean paved highway. The closer to a ley line you are the smoother the ride for the energy and the more the earth will magnify it.

This is what Bob Marley was talking about. The Bankers have been winning because we do nothing while they kill our leaders. Bob Marley did not die of cancer in his thirties and Tesla didn't die of the flu. They thought Eric was already dead but WE THE PEOPLE went and pulled him out and now he is fighting again. Don't sweat it Bob, we're making way for a better day, brother.

Eric Dollard was sleeping out in the freezing desert in his car after losing every single lab he ever had, eight in all. No one except the most hardcore of electrical experimenters had heard of Eric Dollard and now thanks to WE, the people, Eric is working on his new lab, is getting more fan mail than his little car can load and is now at the center of a new movement to liberate science. We raised $36,161 dollars for Eric to get him back on his feet. As our goal was only $20,000 and Eric thought no one cared enough even to donate a dime this is truly an EPIC WIN for WE THE PEOPLE.

Eric Dollard is our last best hope for a major critical hit against the hidden hand and the complete and total liberation of humanity. We are the warriors that must buy him the time and clear the path from him to make a precision strike at the very heart of the beast.

The bankers are getting desperate and they are seeing that their same old tricks aren't working anymore. We know who the real people are now and we aren't afraid of thinking critically and naming names. Calling us names doesn't scare us either. We aren't lambs seeking anyones approval. We are LIONS that won't let ANYONE do our thinking for us. We will fight for the truth no matter how hard it may be. We are the resistance and we're bringing "Fight Club" to Science. Those who take a stand now for the truth know this is about far more than Tesla, Dollard, Electricity or even Science itself, this is about the right to be human. 

The Lion is awake now and we're building an amazing team! We must win this fight! The good news is.. we're winning, the even better news is, every day we get closer to victory. The bad news is only for the bad guys.

We all deserve the truth and if you won't give it to us, we'll take it, for IT IS OURS BY RIGHT !

Sources / References
  • Prodigal Genius by John O'neil: The very first Tesla biography, written by a fellow who hung out with Tesla. This book was almost banned and the FBI had several chapters dropped. A MUST read for true TESLA students.
  • Empires of Light by Jill Jones: An excellent overview of the real history of Tesla, Westinghouse and Edison
  • Lost Science by Gerry Vassilatos:
  • Secrets of Cold War Technology by Gerry Vassilatos: The best description of Tesla's process of discovery and experimentation with Impulse electricity/ Radiant Energy. Chapter 2 is a MUST READ.
  • Occult Ether Physics by illiam Lyne
  • NIKOLA TESLA On His Work With Alternating Currents and Their Application to Wireless Telgraphy, Telephony, and Transmission of Power (Leland I. Anderson) CRITICAL TO UNDERSTAND TESLA FROM HIS OWN WORDS
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Geoengineering - The Opium of the People: Pain-killer, plane-chiller, Plane crasher (reblogged from ETC Group)

As the well-funded pseudo-scientists supporting geoengineering squirm to make it sound reasonable, ETC Group has consistently helped them STFU or at the very least debunked their delusions.  

The following article is one such blast of common sense and critical logic.

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Geoengineering - The Opium of the People
Pain-killer, plane-chiller, Plane crasher
The Artificial Intelligence of Geoengineering, Part II

In the first two months of 2013, leading advocates of geoengineering have argued variously that researching geoengineering (as a Plan B to GHG emission cuts) is like helping a cancer patient manage pain while seeking a cure; or, that an accelerating gaggle of executive jets circling the equator could spray enough sulphuric acid in the stratosphere to keep the Earth’s thermostat within bounds; or, that a single island state could thumb its nose at the military might of the major powers and geoengineer the planet to its liking. So much lobbying and still months to go before the IPCC delivers its fifth assessment report – with  an anticipated treatment of geoengineering.

Pain-killer: Ken Caldeira[i] of the Carnegie Institution for Science at Stanford is arguing that solar radiation management (SRM) is a short- to medium-term strategy to ward off the worst effects of climate change while politicians and scientists work to mitigate emissions and address the fundamental causes. Specifically, Caldeira insists that geoengineering is like giving a cancer patient morphine to make the pain tolerable while the major research effort continues to find a cure for cancer. Although Caldeira notes that diverting research and resources to painkillers could take away money from addressing the climate conundrum, he insists it is only humane. The analogy may be  diverting but the intelligence is artificial. There has never been any connection between the development of painkillers and efforts to cure any disease. Painkillers and anti-depressants are a large and profitable market, but as grateful as a cancer victim may be for pain relief, the cancer’s life-threatening trajectory soldiers on. The patient won’t long mistake the respite for the remedy. Very differently, geoengineering is a painkiller whose purpose and profits are directly tied to the prolongation of the GHG disease. Plan B is a remedy for politicians and polluters who want to transfer tough socioeconomic decisions to another election or even another generation.

Plane chiller: Pursuing the drug-addiction analogy, physics professor David Keith at Harvard[ii] describes a fast and cheap SRM “solution” that requires higher and higher doses to achieve the same “fix.” Keith has calculated that if, in 2020, one or two Gulfstream business jets began flying 20 km above the equator blowing 25,000 metric tons of sulphuric acid into the lower stratosphere they could block about 1% of the sunlight within the first year. By 2040 however, to maintain the same temperature (“high”?), Keith estimates that the acid dose would need a tenfold boost (to 250,000 metric tons per annum) and the number of executive jets would climb to 10 or more. Around 2070, 100 or more planes would be shooting up a million tons of acid a year at an annual cost in the low billions. (Business jets as usual?) At some time before the stratosphere clogs up with airplane wings excreting fossil fuel emissions we would have to figure a way to safely stuff our planet into a detox unit. 

Plane crasher: Science entrepreneur, Nathan Myhrvold recently told the Climate Spectator[iii] that Plan B is inevitable because an island nation like the Maldives – clearly threatened by sea level rise – will launch its own Gulfstream jets or hoist sulphate-spewing pipes into the stratosphere – to ward off the rising tides. Myrhvold seems unperturbed that a unilateral initiative by a tiny state might occasion the ire of the US, Indian or Chinese air forces less appreciative of the island’s sovereignty than of their own vulnerability. Drug addicts – and nations – have fought over less. 
The artificial intelligence of geoengineering continues. Stretched out, the brain’s nerve fibers can circle the globe four times but geoengineers still can’t get their heads around responsible climate governance.[iv]

[i] Ken Caldeira,  “We Need Symptomatic Relief,”, Earth Island Journal, February 2013: http://www.earthisland.org/journal/index.php/eij/article/hack_the_sky.
[ii] David Rotman, “A Cheap and Easy Plan to Stop Global Warming,” Technology Review, February 8, 2013:http://www.technologyreview.com/featuredstory/511016/a-cheap-and-easy-plan-to-stop-global-warming/.
[iii] David Hodgkinson, “Geoengineering’s reckless risk,” Climate Spectator, 4 March 4 2013:http://www.businessspectator.com.au/article/2013/3/4/science-environment/geoengineerings-reckless-risk.
[iv] Colin Barras, “Mind maths: Small world with big connections,” New Scientist electronic edition, 9 February 9 2013: http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg21729032.000-mind-maths-small-world-with-big-connections.html.

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