California Cops and Mainstream Misleadia Caught Lying About Christopher Dorner Murder: "Burn That Mother F*cker Down!"

As is obvious from police scanner audio, San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office intentionally burned down the cabin where Dorner was allegedly holed up.  There was no attempt made to put the fire out and little remains of the structure.

In this photo we can clearly see that there is nothing left of the cabin except the stone fireplace, the cinder block basement, assorted metal appliances, the metal railing of the porch, and a small portion of a wood fence.  The pink plastic flags, yellow plastic jackets, and green plastic gloves visible obviously belong to investigators examining the area.  It's pretty hard to believe that a thin plastic ID card would survive such an inferno, but the AP, UPI, and mainstream misleadia outlets that regurgitate their illogical fables are reporting that Dorner's California Driver's License was found in what's left of the cabin.

If you can believe that, you can believe anything.

The whole situation stinks.  Not only did police intentionally burn Dorner alive but both they and the mainstream media are lying about it.  San Bernardino County Sheriff claims they did not intentionally burn down the cabin despite damning evidence to the contrary. (NOTE: most MSM headlines to this effect have been scrubbed. It appears that they've now committed to totally ignoring that aspect of the situation.)

Mainstream misleadia claims that Dorner's ID was recovered despite the logical impossibility of a plastic ID card surviving a structure-incinerating inferno.

Here we see systemic, illogical deception unfolding just like Orwell warned us about in his masterpiece '1984'.  This intentional spin and deception is not a new phenomenon, unfortunately.   The instance when mainstream media declared that one of the hijacker's passports was found unscathed in the wreckage of the twin towers provides a similar example of the "official" story widely diverging from basic logic and physical reality.

While we cannot trust the mainstream media to tell us the truth, there are many people out there trying to get the truth out.  Storm Clouds Gathering is one such person...

Audio from the police scanner.  More damning evidence that Dorner was intentionally murdered by arson with no due process.

There is also this tasty contradiction in mainstream media reports.  It seems they just make this stuff up as they go...
If you want more info on the mainstream media's absurd and contradictory spin of 9/11 check out this video where Davin Coburn, a prominent 9/11 Truth "Debunker" from Popular Mechanic's Magazine gets caught in a lie.  Thus trapped he does what the police, politicians, and media regularly do... he lies some more!

Skip to 16:55 where the action begins.  A man calling in to the radio show asks about mainstream media reports that some of the alleged hijackers were alive after they had allegedly suicide bombed with planes.  Coburn makes an outlandish statement about DNA evidence and spends the rest of the broadcast talking nonsense.  Listen to this weasel squirm and lash out when he gets caught making stuff up.  

Y'all have a great day!  Keep spreading the truth and exposing the Establishment Decepticons.  Peace!