Farmers vs Fascists: Michigan Edition. Family Hog Farm Threatened by Big Ag Assault... do your part!

Help this family save their hog farm from BS regulations.
Big Ag's underhanded, deceitful WAR on AMERICAN FAMILY FARMERS is still underway.  We've seen this nationwide over the last year in raids on food co-ops, farmers markets, raw milk operations, and other sources of healthy natural food that have been absurdly deemed "unsafe" by the monstrous corporate operations offering genetically modified, hormonally induced, pesticide tainted, nutritionally inferior, and unethically produced garbage (which they call food).

Please help fight for food freedom, personal choice, and the American way.  Please watch this powerful video about an independent family hog farm in Michigan that is fighting to survive against corporately-imposed bureaucratic fascist nonsense.

Farmer Baker sez it well...

"What they're trying to impose on American Citizens is 'BUY OUR FOOD and YOU HAVE NO CHOICE."' So they're trying to put the American farmer, the family farmer -- like me -- out of business.  We have to stop them."

For more info on this farm and to help their fight, visit Baker's Green Acres and join the 20% of Americans we need to successfully fight off the Fascists in the New American Revolution.

Jackson Hole Kiters: Winter 2012 Snowkite Flicks

Wayne Phillips on a technical descent.
Some of the most stoked, talented, and connected folks on the planet are the Jackson Hole Kiters.  Here are some highlights from their 2012 season.

Thanks to Wayne, Will, Pascal, Chaz, Paul, and the rest of the crew for putting out such inspiring and soulful snowkite flicks.

Gliding Edition from Pascal Joubert on Vimeo.

Bondurant from Pascal Joubert on Vimeo.

Powder Day on Tosi Peak,WY from Charles Symons on Vimeo.

Tomcat Summit from Pascal Joubert on Vimeo.

Ken Lucas of Hood River sending it conventionally with a juiced up kite.


Does "Chemtrail" Geoengineering Actually Contribute to Global Warming? The more you know the more signs point to YES.

Please allow me to interject a little critical thinking into the misleading mainstream dialogue about Geoengineering, specifically regarding the spraying of "reflective metals" into the atmosphere with stated intent to cool the planet.  The mainstream media regularly mentions this practice, but never explains the entire situation or offers the unvarnished truth.

Independent researchers have proven that weather modification chemtrails are generally composed of a mix of Aluminum, Barium, and Strontium (predominantly Aluminum).  As we will see, this mix of metals is an essential ingredient of atmospheric *heating* programs which create a high haze and a notable increase in atmospheric temperatures in the areas they are sprayed.

It is well documented that humans have been intentionally manipulating the weather for decades.  Pick up any Meteorology textbook from the 1960s or 1970s and you'll find whole chapters eagerly devoted to the topic.  You'll find that 50 years ago humans had already mastered cloud seeding and were aggressively experimenting with steering/strengthening/weakening storms.  By the mid 1970s the mainstream scientific stance on weather modification was filled with arrogant George Jetsonesque hubris.  Today that same "god-playing complex" exists in the hearts of scientists and businessmen alike, but -- like so many other disturbing aspects of modern civilization -- it is rarely talked about openly or honestly.

If your head is out of the sand (and your ass), can you honestly claim these are normal airplane contrails?
Weather Modification techniques have come a long way in the last forty years, and anyone who digs deep into the field realizes quickly that modern weather mod capabilities have come so far it looks like unbelievable science fiction to the eyes of the uninitiated.  Specifically, the injection of fine particles of metallic dust into the atmosphere and the heating of that dust with high powered radar tends to stretch the imagination of most people.  Even though evidence validating the belief in chemtrail weather modification is visible in the skies almost every day, most people have a hard time believing it even exists.  Humans are generally a trusting species, which can be a blessing but is often a curse.

Mainstream dialogue about Aerosol Spray (Chemtrail) Geoengineering inaccurately conveys that it's not already happening -- like it's an experimental option to combat climate change which isn't *yet* being implemented.

Basic observation proves that Chemtrail Geoengineering is taking place, and that days with high spraying usually coincide with unnaturally warm temps.  For example, on the day this image and video were taken -- January 5th 2012 -- it reached 50 degrees F in Chicago, Il!

I believe my own eyes more than I believe the mainstream media, and I've seen chemtrails in the sky for years.  Until the last six months I didn't know what they were, but now I do and countless people around the world are documenting the presence of artificial chemtrail clouds daily.   Meanwhile absurdly high levels of Aluminum, Barium, and Strontium are showing up in rainwater and air samples conducted by brave researchers all over the globe.  You don't need to be a rocket scientist to conclude that these two phenomenon are related.

If the mainstream clearly lies about the existence and extent of these programs, couldn't it also be lying about the real intent of the atmospheric spraying of "reflectives"?  They lie about their motivations for going to war ("spreading freedom and democracy" not stealing resources), so why wouldn't they lie about their motivations for aerosolized aerial spray campaigns as well.

The mainstream coverage of geoengineering consistently states that spraying a fine dust of "reflectives" in the atmosphere will somehow cool the planet by reflecting sunlight back into space, but that assumption defies basic logic and common sense.  It is well documented that Aluminum, Barium, and Strontium are the primary components of Chemtrails, and -- as we all know -- metals get hot when exposed to sunlight.

Though Aluminum is a highly reflective element, it nevertheless absorbs more energy than the typical components of the atmosphere and is an excellent conductor of heat.  Anyone who's built a simple solar oven with Aluminum Foil or tried to sit down in an Aluminum canoe that's been sitting in direct sunlight knows how well it attracts and conducts heat, regardless of what the MSM "science experts" say.

Additionally, small particles of Aluminum exposed to the typical atmospheric gases is rapidly converted into  Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3) which is very effective at absorbing solar energy, as stated clearly on page 187 of Atmospheric Pollution: History, Science and Regulation from the Cambridge University Press.  (book located here). 

Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat, so when it absorbs solar energy it converts that energy  into heat which warms the atmosphere.  Barium and Strontium, well-documented as the other major components of typical Chemtrails, have similar energy absorbing and heat conducting properties.  This heat warms large portions of the atmosphere and contributes to the growth of unnatural, heat-trapping stratus clouds.

We all know that the coldest nights of the year happen when there isn't a cloud in the sky and heat can radiate back out into space.  Layers of high cloud serve as a blanket trapping that heat.  More high wispy clouds means warmer overnight temps and higher average temps for as long as those clouds are present.

Widespread spraying of Aluminum and other metals into the atmosphere surely heats it.  The notion that a fine dust of metals is somehow reflecting energy back into space is laughable.

Please wake up.

This excellent documentary film called "Sky Lines" answers a lot of questions about Chemtrails, Geoengineering, Weather Modification, and the disturbing impacts on  human and environmental health.  If you've already seen the brilliant "What In the World Are They Spraying?" this should fill in a few of the holes in your knowledge and understanding.  Thank you for paying attention and caring.


USDA cowards renege on requiring basic regulations for groundwater-destroying fracking operations.

Fracking creates jobs the same way chronic diseases do... at the expense of human lives.

America's failure to innovate towards sustainable economics has never been more apparent than the absurd public health catastrophe we are bringing on ourselves by way of fracking.

Please share this video and help wake people up to the horrors of fracking.

There is another way to move forward, but innovation of this nature totally shakes up the existing power structure, and it will not come easily.


PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Fossil Fuels were rendered obsolete over 100 years ago by Visionary Inventor NIKOLA TESLA....

... but the Big $$$, Big Energy, Centrally-Controlled Bankster Establishment has suppressed his (and many other inspired scientists) discoveries and technologies for over a century.


You may find this information difficult to digest, because it is rather mind-boggling to consider that the last century of intense pollution and incessant resource war was totally unnecessary and counterproductive.

The basic properties of the natural world which Tesla -- and many other inspired thinkers -- tapped into may also be difficult for you to grasp at first, but there are easy ways to make your understanding of these concepts concrete with your own real world experience.

Here is a simple experiment you can conduct at home which should help you prove to yourself the incredible (and easily harnessed) power of Earth's Magnetic Field.

All you need to conduct this experiment is any magnetic compass.  Even a little cheapo magnetic compass should work fine.

Spin the compass slowly and note how the needle stays stationary.   Now rapidly spin the compass a complete 180', and notice how the needle stops and spins back to it's original configuration.  Do this several times while asking yourself, "what caused the compass needle to stop, switch directions, and spin back to it's original configuration?"  As you ask yourself this, bear in mind Newton's First Law of Motion:

An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force. An object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

This law is often called "the law of inertia".

By rapidly spinning the compass housing 180 degrees, the force you exerted on the compass housing was transferred to it's magnetic needle, causing it to spin in the direction you chose.  If the needle was not magnetic, due to "this law of interia", the needle would have kept spinning in the direction you chose until internal friction within the compass caused the needle to stop... and the non-magnetic needle would remain stopped until some FORCE acted upon it.

So what made the needle in your magnetic compass rapidly stop spinning, reverse direction, and spin back into it's previous configuration?

Remember that the magnetic needle has no energy of it's own: it's magnetically active, but it contains no engine or power supply of it's own.

Clearly some outside force caused the magnetic compass needle to spin back to it's proper alignment, and that force was the Earth's Magnetic Field.

Congratulations!  You just harnessed the cleanest and most sustainable energy source on the planet to do a little bit of work for you (spinning your compass needle back to North).  

The Earth's Magnetic Field -- a literal Force Field -- is perfectly safe, as it has permeated all life on Earth for billions of years.  Remember that we are passengers aboard an gigantic spherical satellite of the Sun which completes one full rotation on its axis every 24 hours.

And get this, courtesy Physics.org...    

Right at the heart of the Earth is a solid inner core, two thirds of the size of the Moon and composed primarily of iron. At a hellish 5,700°C, this iron is as hot as the Sun’s surface, but the crushing pressure caused by gravity prevents it from becoming liquid.
Surrounding this is the outer core, a 2,000 km thick layer of iron, nickel, and small quantities of other metals. Lower pressure than the inner core means the metal here is fluid.
Differences in temperature, pressure and composition within the outer core cause convection currents in the molten metal as cool, dense matter sinks whilst warm, less dense matter rises. The Coriolis force, resulting from the Earth’s spin, also causes swirling whirlpools.

This flow of liquid iron generates electric currents, which in turn produce magnetic fields. Charged metals passing through these fields go on to create electric currents of their own, and so the cycle continues. This self-sustaining loop is known as the geodynamo.

The spiralling caused by the Coriolis force means that separate magnetic fields created are roughly aligned in the same direction, their combined effect adding up to produce one vast magnetic field engulfing the planet.

Hmmm... the entire Earth is a spinning"geodynamo" generating a massive magnetic field?  Sounds unfathomably powerful to me... so why don't we as a species implement the established technologies which tap in to that power?

In the years since Tesla's discoveries, dozens of Inventors have discovered their own ways of tapping into the practically infinite energy reserves provided by Earth's Magnetic Field.  Others have learned how to harness the natural electricity generated by the Sun's incessant heating of Earth's atmosphere, specifically the  Ionosphere, so named because it is comprised of high energy ions created by the Sun's powerful radiant energy.

Geodynamic and Ionospheric energy sources are very real, very powerful, and remarkably easy to harness.

Relatively simple machines incorporating stationary magnets surrounding a single axis around which additional magnets spin are very effective at harnessing Earth's Magnetic Field.  Decades of well-documented (but suppressed) experimentation have proven that easily designed and assembled Geodynamic Generators can harvest 5x more energy than it takes to keep the core of spinning magnets spinning.  A simple electric motor powered by the generator itself keeps the magnets spinning perpetually.  The machine draws power from the Earth's Magnetic field and converts it into electricity.

Occasionally one of these machines makes it into the mainstream media and is heralded as a scientific breakthrough, though the principles behind these technologies were understood 100+ years ago...

Hundreds of Patents have been issued for assorted "free energy" machines over the years, so why can't you buy one at Wal*Mart?  Why do so few people know about this simple and straightforward technology?

The answer to that question is simple: BANKSTERISM, GREED, and the all-too-common LUST for POWER.

If you watched the videos about Nikola Tesla showcased above, you know that deeply entrenched business interests, specifically those of J.P. Morgan and his Bankster Cohorts, brought about the suppression of Geodynamic (Magnetic) and Ionospheric power sources.

The painful reality is that we as a species have been fighting entirely unnecessary wars for control of fossil fuels and other "scarce" resources over the last 100 years while the cheapest, cleanest, safest, easiest to access, and most reliable energy source pulsed through our bodies.

The Suppression of Humanity's Technological and Spiritual Evolution has gone on for far too long.  Won't you please help spread the message, develop these technologies from an unstoppable Open Source and Anonymous effort rooted in selflessness.

These machines can be built and the plans are available.  All you have to do is open your mind and get to work.



Why In The World Are They Spraying? Official Trailer...

If you found "What In the World are They Spraying?" informative, please watch this trailer and consider helping fund the creation of their latest documentary addressing the Why of Geoengineering Weather Modification...