Immortal Technique Speaks Truth As The Occupy Together Revolution Gathers STEAM.

Immortal Technique tells it like it is at Liberty Park  during the ongoing #OccupyWallStreet Occupation in NYC.

Protesters have occupied the area for several weeks now and momentum is building not just on Wall Street but around the United States.

#OccupyTogether is curently spreading to thousands of cities around the nation.

See below the interview for a selection of brilliant analytical tunes from Immortal Technique.  The Man knows how shit really works.

A newer interview with RT at Liberty Park... 10/11/11



phhhhhht! (horse fart)
Over the last 48 hours I've spent as much time as possible at Sea Level straddling California's infamous San Andreas Fault just to spite the DISINFO TROLLZ behind the whole "Comet Elenin Alignment, Mega Earthquake/Tsunami, Earth Splits Open and Swallows Everyone Except the Bunker Bound Zillionaires" shhhhhpeel because both you and I know that's a crock of shit.

Sure, we may get hit by any number of natural disasters, but what's the point in worrying about something so completely beyond your control that it's inconsequential whether you're aware of it at all?

All the CHATTER about mega disasters
and aliens
and polar shifts
and planetary alignments
and solar flares
and the Chinese Taliban coming to take your Baby away is just distracting people from the one aspect of our predicament that we can actually do something about.

I speak of the utterly corrupt and fundamentally flawed economic system which we've all been trapped within since the Creature from Jekyll Island was born in 1913.

0fficer Bologna
Utterly corrupt?  Sure, the Über-wealthy CorpoGov Banksters are currently above the law!
They can create money out of thin air.
They control the political process.
They blatantly manipulate financial markets with no fear of legal retribution.
They control the media and have been caught recently censoring dissenters.
They can literally get away with murder.
And if you try to do something about it they'll beat your ass and throw you in jail.

Exhibit R: NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna pepper spraying innocent, compliant young women at #OccupyWallStreet.

Fundamentally flawed?  Absolutely.  See the upper left hand column of this blog for this position's support.

Why do you think we're fighting so many goddamn wars while drilling for oil in the most difficult and dangerous places on the planet.  I rest my case.

The ONLY painful, impending, and devastatingly deadly predicament we can do something about is the COLLAPSE of the Global Economy due to simple economic fundamentals, inconceivable corruption, and mass psychosis.

Need a refresher course in REALITY?  Here you go.  Humanity's Current Predicament 101:


Well, shit, I can't seem to find a single copy of Collapse for free online.  That's funny, because the Producer who holds all the rights to that movie stopped fighting Piracy of Collapse over a year ago.  No one from his operation is complaining, yet countless copies have been taken down over the last months.

The few YouTube videos pretending to offer an outside link to the film Collapse are blatantly sketchy... shortened links to strange dead ends.  Anywhere, here's the trailer...

The problem is a fundamental disconnect between our collective consciousness and reality.  We thought we could have our cake and eat it too.  We became a CANCER upon this beautiful, life-giving planet.

Our changeable predicament is rooted entirely in our unwavering belief in INFINITE GROWTH ECONOMICS despite the all-too-real natural limits of the planet.

Want to know who the high priests of this bassackwards, cancerous, indeed suicidal religion are?

Want to know what you can do about it?

Here you go...

VIDEO: MSNBC Reporter SLAMS NYC Police Brutality on #OccupyWallStreet Protesters

Must See Video from AmpedStatus.com and MOXNEWS YouTube Channel...


Colbert Report Interview: James Howard Kunstler on Resource Depletion and Supply Chain Management

I can't believe today is the first I've heard of this brilliant 2008 interview on the Colbert Report.

I guess that's because while oil hit $147 a barrel and gasoline hit $5 a gallon here in the USA, I was lounging in paradise after fleeing the imploding economy.

Perhaps you should consider doing the same now that it's the Fall of 2011 and we're going off a much bigger cliff this time.

Check it out...

Ron Paul: "Mutually Assured Destruction vs Mutually Assured Respect" Hint: Destruction Would Suck.

Congressman Paul nails the situation in this video.  Let's work together to make Mutually Assured Respect the path we take together through whatever comes next.

9/21/11: Typhoon Roke Passing Over Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Sites Now

The Fukushima nuclear power plants -- which suffered multiple core meltdowns and major radiation emissions after the March 11th earthquake/tsunami -- are currently being battered by Typhoon Roke.  The damaged nuclear plants are located on the coast just SE of the city of Fukushima visible on the map above.

Note that the storm already passed  over Tokyo as well.

The storm was forecast to cause serious flooding and moderate wind damage throughout much of Japan.  Over 1 million people were evacuated and there have been at least 4 deaths attributed to the storm already.  There is a legitimate concern that the storm could cause the badly damaged Building 4 at Fukushima to fall over, spilling a large spent fuel rod pool onto the open ground.

More coverage from RSOE EDIS:

Tropical Storm in Japan on Wednesday, 21 September, 2011 at 05:05 (05:05 AM) UTC.
A powerful typhoon looming down on disaster-ravaged Japan has killed at least four people, authorities said Wednesday, less than a month after a vicious storm left 100 dead. More than a million people have been warned to leave their homes over fears that the torrential rains Typhoon Roke is expected to bring will cause widespread flooding. Four people have been found dead in central and western Japan, while two people are missing in Gifu prefecture, including a young boy who disappeared on his way home from primary school. Evacuation advisories have been issued to a total of 1.14 million people nationwide, according to broadcaster NHK. It was not clear how many had followed the advice, which falls short of mandatory evacuation orders. Auto giant Toyota said it was temporarily shutting 11 of its 15 Japanese plants, which lie in the path of the approaching storm.

"The second (afternoon) shift is stopped. (It is) not resuming today. No decision has been made for tomorrow," company spokesman Dion Corbert said. The affected plants are all in Aichi prefecture in central Japan. Roke is expected to heap more misery on a country that has suffered badly under the yoke of nature this year. The huge earthquake and tsunami of March 11 left 20,000 people dead or missing and devastated hundreds of kilometres (miles) of coastline, destroying whole communities and wreaking billions of dollars of damage. The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant was sent into meltdown after its cooling systems were swamped by the waves, sending radiation into the air, sea and food chain in the planet's worst atomic disaster since Chernobyl. Earlier this month Typhoon Talas slammed into central Japan, killing around 100 people in the deadliest storm to hit the country for over 30 years.

Heavy downpours caused flash flooding and massive landslides that swept away buildings and people. By Wednesday morning, Typhoon Roke was off the Kii Peninsula in central Wakayama prefecture. It was expected to make landfall in the Kanto area in the afternoon before moving northeast, possibly towards the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant where workers are still battling to control persistent radiation leaks. "The typhoon will move north at high speed," a Japan Meteorological Agency official told a news conference, warning of damage and impact on transportation systems. The typhoon has already brought torrential rain and some flooding, with TV footage showing residents walking through streets knee-deep in water. A number of expressways have been closed, while more than 200 flights are to be cancelled for Wednesday, according to NHK. In the city of Nagoya, a regional commercial hub located near the home of Toyota Motor, about 380,000 households remained under evacuation advisories, media reports said. Nagoya mayor Takashi Kawamura warned: "Please follow evacuation advisories as soon as possible in order to prevent people from falling victims."
 In the news...

Typhoon Roke crashes into Japan
Washington Post (blog) - 1 hour ago
21, 2011 as powerful Typhoon Roke lashes central Japan with heavy rains and sustained winds of up to 100 mph (162 kph). (Anonymous - AP) Packing sustained ...

Japanese battle Typhoon Roke

Washington Post - 1 minute ago
Typhoon Roke slammed Japan Wednesday, bringing high winds, driving rain, flooding, landslides and fresh fears for the crippled nuclear power plant...

Typhoon Roke

Washington Post (blog) - Elizabeth Flock - 5 minutes ago
At Fukushima, where a nuclear plant suffered a meltdown in March, Roke dumped 8 inches of rain, and there were calls for more than a million people to be ...

Typhoon Roke on Course for Leaking Japan Reactor as 1 Million ...

www.bloomberg.com/.../typhoon-roke-hits-japan-on-course-for-lea... - Cached
1 day ago – Typhoon Roke brought evacuation orders and fears of floods to Nagoya city ... on a course toward the crippled Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant.

Typhoon Roke on course for Fukushima nuclear plant ...

6 hours ago – CollapseNet Emergency Action Alert [September 20, 2011 - 9:00pm PST] Whoa! This baby is headed directly toward me! Residents here...

Yahoo Admits Censoring #OccupyWallStreet Protest Emails. Meanwhile, the Big Media Blackout Continues...

Yahoo mail users attempting to send messages about the peaceful "Occupy Wall Street" protests in Manhattan have found that impossible to do.

Messages mentioning the Wall Street protests or containing links to protest coverage were labeled SPAM and could not be sent, whereas messages mentioning Tea Party protests transmitted normally.

In my line of work I have experienced similar backdoor censorship tactics several times.  At times when "controversial" news was breaking -- Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown, Fort Calhoun Nuke Plant Flooding, Los Alamos Nuclear Lab Wildfires, etc. -- I have encountered "glitches" where I could not post to Twitter, could not send or receive email, could not access or modify my websites, etc.  Suprisingly, Facebook has always been good to me.

Regarding Yahoo's recent BS, watch this video and see for yourself...

Keith Olbermann, one of several mainstream commentators who are falling from the Corporate Flock, is one of few people reporting on the occupation and the media blackout surrounding it.

In the news...

Yahoo! under fire for allegedly censoring Occupy Wall Street ...

ABC Action News - Kristal Roberts - 24 minutes ago
Yahoo has apologized after coming under fire for reportedly blocking emails related to the Occupy Wall Street protests that began in Lower Manhattan over ...

Yahoo appears to be censoring Occupy Wall Street protest ...

www.youtube.com/watch?v=IP2LREhJH4U3 min - 23 hours ago - Uploaded by lhfang86
UPDATE** Yahoo says it has fixed what the company has called an unintentional block of messages related to the Wall Street protests.

'Occupy Wall Street' Activists Accuse Yahoo of Censoring E-Mails ...

5 hours ago – The internet community has accused Yahoo of censoring email messages on "Occupy Wall Street" protests, after numerous videos were posted ...

Yahoo Appears To Be Censoring Email Messages About Wall Street ...

thinkprogress.org/.../yahoo-censoring-occupy-wall-street-protests/ - Cached
22 hours ago – The protesters, organized online and by organizations like Adbusters, have called their effort “Occupy Wall Street” and have set up the website: ...

Video Results

  1. Yahoo appears to be censoring Occupy Wall ...

    youtube.com3 min - 23 hours ago - Uploaded by lhfang86
    **UPDATE** Yahoo says it has fixed what the company has called an unintentional block of messages related to the Wall Street ...

  2. Yahoo Mail is Censoring Emails About ...

    youtube.com1 min - 1 day ago - Uploaded by Plankhead
    Try to send an email from Yahoo containing the URL "occupywallst.org". You cannot do it. Wtfisthis.

  3. Yahoo Mail censors Occupy Wall Street

    youtube.com21 sec - 1 day ago - Uploaded by TheGazics

  4. Corporations Censor The Resistance: Yahoo ...

    youtube.com3 min - 11 hours ago - Uploaded by iiiears
    Whether human error, internet spoof, botnet spam filter manipulation or another evil hack. There is no pattern over time on yahoo's ...

  5. Yahoo Accused of Censoring Occupy Wall ...

    youtube.com3 min - 24 minutes ago - Uploaded by ntyranny1
    Yahoo Accused of Censoring Occupy Wall Street Emails P 1 Kurt Nimmo Infowars.com September 21, 2011 The effectiveness of ...

  6. Yahoo Accused of Censoring Occupy Wall ...

    youtube.com1 min - 25 minutes ago - Uploaded by ntyranny1
    Yahoo Accused of Censoring Occupy Wall Street Emails P 2 Kurt Nimmo Infowars.com September 21, 2011 The effectiveness of ...

  7. #OccupyWallStreet Yahoo Censorship

    youtube.com1 min - 22 hours ago - Uploaded by OperationLeakS
    Yahoo censoring it's mail system not to send #OccupyWallStreet related links


Category II-IV Typhoon Roke Clobbering Japan! One Million Evacuated! Fukushima In The Crosshairs!

More torrential rain.  More flooding.  More damaging winds.  And both Tokyo and Fukushima are in the crosshairs of massive Typhoon Roke.

Typhoon Roke has been graded Category IV but is expected (hopefully) to be a weaker Category II storm when it makes landfall. It is a fast storm, currently traveling 34knots/65kmph NNE (through a large swath of Japan) .

After March's earthquake/tsunami/meltdown Japan has seen several large storms this year with record rainfall and severe flooding.

Out hearts go out to the people of Japan, once again.

Current forecast from Japan Meteorological Agency:

Another forecast from RSOE EDIS Global Disaster Map:

 In the news...

One million flee as typhoon nears Japan

USA Today - 4 hours ago
TOKYO (AP) – More than a million people in central Japan were urged to evacuate Tuesday as powerful Typhoon Roke approached, triggering floods that left two ...

A Giant Typhoon Is Headed for Japan's Ruined Fukushima Nuke Plant - Gizmodo

Sam Biddle
6 hours ago – Although Fukushima's wrecked reactors aren't melting down any longer, the entire complex is clogged with extremely radioactive water.

Japan Typhoon Warnings | COLLAPSENET

As of Wednesday morning at 0900 (PDT) the storm is clearly on track to strike Fukushima. It may weaken to Tropical Storm but right now it's the equivalent of a Cat 3 hurricane and very wet. Immediate hazards are to the cooling pool with spent rods at the badly damaged Reactor #4 and the potential for dispersal of large amounts of radiation due to runoff. This will merit close watch throughout the day. -- MCR

Memphis Math Teacher Ordered to Destroy His Thriving Urban Garden

Student Beekeepers Awaiting Adam's Supervision
As if the insane war on relocalization and self-sufficiency couldn't get more overt, another debacle is unfolding in Memphis, Tennessee.

Just weeks after a SWAT Team raided RAWESOME Food Coop in Los Angeles, and a Michigan woman faced 93 days in jail for gardening, now a Memphis math teacher has been ordered to dismantle his personal garden.

The teachers name is Adam Guerrero, and the tidy garden is located in the yard of his own home.  He works the land with a team of student volunteers.  They practice vermiculture gardening and keep bees.

Guerrero has been fined under ordinances related to "public health, safety or welfare" for using his spare time to tend a garden and keep bees (beekeeping is legal in Memphis) with the help of volunteer students he has taken under his wing.

As you can see in the photo below, most of Adam's Garden is in the back yard and the small plot in the front where he's growing vegetables looks about like any small urban home.  If there's any safety hazard, it's that trash can sitting near the sidewalk.  I'd say if Adam wheels that unsightly thing around back the front yard no longer constitutes a threat to "public health, safety, or welfare."

What do you think?

Lots of other info about this situation is available in the Treehugger article.

If you'd like to support Adam Guerrero and his students, get to know him better via the Save Adam Guererro's Garden! Facebook Page.

More About the War on Gardens:
Michigan Woman Faces 93 Days in Jail for Gardening
B.C. Man Faces 6 Months in Jail for Growing Food
Toronto to Change Ordinance; Allow Front Yard Vegetable Gardens

NYPD Attacks Peaceful Wall Street Protesters (Video)

The Peaceful Protesters on Wall Street in NYC have one simple demand:


When it began to rain the Peaceful Protesters attempted to cover sensitive electronics (computers, cameras, etc.) with a low-profile, unsuspended tarp.

That was the "offense" which prompted this VIOLENT response from NYPD.

NYPD has had Wall Street itself blocked off since before the protests began.  Officers have been hounding and intimidating these Peaceful Protesters since day one.

Video from AmpedStatus.org

The opening scenes of the video where police violently grab and throw a Peaceful Protester appears to have taken place in this area of Liberty Park.  The man appears to be sitting between these tables amidst a pile of gear covered with tarps.  Innocent people's computers were certainly destroyed when NYPD took things way beyond where they needed to go.

Do these look like criminals to you?
In related news, mainstream music superstar Lupe Fiasco attended this peaceful protest yesterday and had this to say...

Here is another view of what happened.  This gives a better idea of what went down.  It just posted this morning, 9/21/11 (the day after this post was written after the first videos appeared):


Footage and Images from Wall Street Occupation, Occupy Wall Street, September 2011

Despite the mainstream blackout (or intentional skewing) of events in NYC, there lots of powerful images and videos emerging.

I will update this post with additional coverage as it comes to me.

Please share any related links you think I should feature in the comments section.

rEVOLutionaries: Thank you very much.  Keep it up.

banksters: Fuck you (too) very much.  Drown in debt.

Regardless of how soon NYPD and TPTB shut down this occupation  the flames have already been fanned to the point where they won't go out.

FYI, things are still going strong and the crowd is growing.  Watch the live feed here... or better yet GET YOUR ASS DOWN THERE and stand up for your future.

Real Americans standing up for Truth, Justice, and Liberty.