Category II-IV Typhoon Roke Clobbering Japan! One Million Evacuated! Fukushima In The Crosshairs!

More torrential rain.  More flooding.  More damaging winds.  And both Tokyo and Fukushima are in the crosshairs of massive Typhoon Roke.

Typhoon Roke has been graded Category IV but is expected (hopefully) to be a weaker Category II storm when it makes landfall. It is a fast storm, currently traveling 34knots/65kmph NNE (through a large swath of Japan) .

After March's earthquake/tsunami/meltdown Japan has seen several large storms this year with record rainfall and severe flooding.

Out hearts go out to the people of Japan, once again.

Current forecast from Japan Meteorological Agency:

Another forecast from RSOE EDIS Global Disaster Map:

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One million flee as typhoon nears Japan

USA Today - 4 hours ago
TOKYO (AP) – More than a million people in central Japan were urged to evacuate Tuesday as powerful Typhoon Roke approached, triggering floods that left two ...

A Giant Typhoon Is Headed for Japan's Ruined Fukushima Nuke Plant - Gizmodo

Sam Biddle
6 hours ago – Although Fukushima's wrecked reactors aren't melting down any longer, the entire complex is clogged with extremely radioactive water.

Japan Typhoon Warnings | COLLAPSENET

As of Wednesday morning at 0900 (PDT) the storm is clearly on track to strike Fukushima. It may weaken to Tropical Storm but right now it's the equivalent of a Cat 3 hurricane and very wet. Immediate hazards are to the cooling pool with spent rods at the badly damaged Reactor #4 and the potential for dispersal of large amounts of radiation due to runoff. This will merit close watch throughout the day. -- MCR