OFF Proudly Introduces The Sheepeater (tukadika.com)

Howdy Friends!

After 6 years of posting to OFF (OilFreeFun.com) I've started a new project called The Sheepeater.  The Sheepeater's were and are a group of Native Americans who spent 11,000 years stewarding the area now known as Grand Teton and Yellowstone before being kicked off their ancestral lands and genocided by the US Gov't starting around the year 1871.  The Sheepeater website is devoted to honoring their legacy, sharing their wisdom, and exposing the foolishness that has governments and business interests committing similar atrocities at the present time.

The Sheepeater is the online presence of what I hope will blossom into a quarterly printed magazine offering actual news and educated views on issues that affect us all.

I will still be posting to OFF occassionally but am more focused now on adding good content and bringing onboard other contributors for The Sheepeater.  If you'd like to be involved in any way at The Sheepeater, please email sheepeater@tukadika.com.

Click the image below to visit The Sheepeater.  One Love.  Peace.