Photoshop Mastery Exposes Artificial Standards of Beauty

We all know that most photos in the corporate media have been doctored in Photoshop.  This is especially true of beauty magazines and gossip rags where normal people with normal bodies are transformed into the gods and goddesses of modern consumerism and celebrity worship.  This abuse of photoshop leaves humanity with unrealistic and largely unattainable standards of beauty.

In this video, Victors & Spoils turns the beauty industry on its head and shows how a drastically altered photoshop creation can go the other way.

Happy Holidays from Victors & Spoils on Vimeo.
Agency: Victors&Spoils
Music: Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Original Content: globaldemocracy.com

Note: I don't recommend Santa Claus as a cultural icon (a magical, fat, old, white man who knows all and sees all and judges all and rewards those who do his bidding) but the video is worth sharing for the sake of exposing just how much a master of Photoshop can skew reality.  One Love.  Peace.